Jules Wellness July 2016

Jules Wellness is a monthly Canadian lifestyle subscription that is female focused and contains health-conscious items. The box is $34.32CAD monthly with free shipping within Canada and $10 to the US, or $39CAD if you want to try just one month (with the exchange rate and shipping it ends up being about $35USD). Items include health-conscious snacks and food, artisan chocolate, natural & organic skincare products, supplements and lifestyle products. This company is based out of Toronto and was founded by Julie Tadeson, an entrepreneur, culinary nutritionist, personal trainer, holistic lifestyle coach and mom.

Before I received my box I saw a post from Jules Wellness on Instagram. They said that we asked, and they listened: more snacks! I actually joined this box thinking that every box was snack centered, which after a month I found out wasn’t true. I’ve enjoyed the variety they offer, but I was SO excited for a snack box!

The Goods


Surf Sweets Gummy Bears–Oh my goodness, gummy bears. These are a huge weakness of mine, but normally in the most unhealthy way. These are made with organic fruit juice and organic sweeteners. They also contain 100% of Vitamin C per serving. They are 91% organic, contain no corn syrup or GMO’s, and are gluten and nut free. I understand that candy in any form really isn’t healthy, but if you’re going to eat it you can try to do it in a bit of a healthier matter, right? Gummy bears are something I will eat whether or not they are healthy. These were pretty good ones, all the colors tasted more or less the same, but they were soft and gummy, and tasted just like I think they should. Only downside? This bag goes for $5.29. A great treat to get in this box, but not something I can see myself buying due to the cost. Needless to say, these are gone.


The Healthy Crunch Kale Chips–This is a healthy alternative to chips and has a zesty cheese flavor, but without the dairy! It’s organic, gluten free and peanut free. I like chips just slightly less than I like gummy bears. The flavor, the crunch, it’s just one of those satisfying snacks. I’ve been looking for healthier alternatives and have found a few options like lentil chips, quina chips, and a few others. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been brave enough to try kale yet. I’ve thought about it many times, but I’ve heard it has a bit of a bitter taste and that has steered me clear so far. I’m pretty excited to have gotten this in the box because now I’m out of excuses, I have no reason not to eat this. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will. Soon.


Jax Coco Roasted Coconut Chips–These are made from the flesh of hand cut, premium coconuts that are slowly toasted. This particular flavor is chili & lime, which sounds like a good combination. These are all natural, not fried, gluten free, vegan and have no artificial colors or flavors. Jury is still out on this product. Coconut really does seem to be all the rage right now with healthy food. I’ve said it before, but I really don’t like coconut flavoring. I’ll likely try this product due to the strong flavor that comes with it, in theory it should outweigh the coconut.


Simply Protein Whey bar–This bar is gluten free, vegetarian, and low in sodium and sugar. This one is apple cinnamon flavor, which I might actually enjoy. I used to love apple cinnamon cheerios (I don’t/can’t eat cereal anymore) so in theory this will be good. I haven’t actually had anything with whey protein before so this will be a new experience.

Inner J Apple Cinnamon Cranberry–Okay, throw cranberry into the mix and I’m definitely not as excited for the product. These bars keep you nourished and energized throughout the day and contain natural and raw ingredients that you can digest. There are no preservatives, 13g of protein and are gluten free and vegan.



Tutti Gourmet Biscotti–This has organic cocoa and crunchy almonds without any artificial flavors or additives. They are also gluten free. I honestly have no idea if I like biscotti or have ever had it. I’m pretty excited to eat this though. I think this is more of a snack you have with coffee but I don’t drink coffee and plan on having it by itself. I like cocoa and almonds, so I feel like it’s safe to assume I will like this too.


The Good Bean Chickpeas–I was actually looking at this brand of chickpeas in a grocery store lately but didn’t end up buying them. It’s still a fairly recent discovery for me that I like chickpeas, but I kind of wish I had another flavor. I have received some in other boxes and so far I have two maple and one lightly salted. I have no major complains about getting another salted, I will definitely eat them, but I really want to try another flavor. I’m especially interested in the mesquite BBQ and chili & lime.

Final Thoughts

I love getting healthy snacks at my door every month! I’m happy that they decided to do a complete snack box this month because they picked some good items. Most of these items I will eat, and what I won’t I’m sure Ian will. Being that I’m such a snacker it’s great to try out all these healthy alternatives to the junk that I’m used to eating. And seriously, healthy(ish) gummy bears!