Ipsy December 2014

Ipsy (referral link) is a monthly beauty subscription. Each month subscribers receive a Glam Bag that has a combination of 4-5 deluxe samples and full size products. The cost is $10 a month with $4.95 shipping to Canada.

They currently have a wait list but there are different ways to ‘skip’ it. If you chose to wait it can take anywhere from 1-3 months (from what I hear). They also sometimes have a ‘skip the wait list’ day.

Usually around the 12th of the month you have the option of viewing your “Glam Room” which shows the items that you will be receiving. There are usually about 20 different items and the ones you receive are determined by a survey you fill out when you sign up. You can also collect ipsy points by doing reviews, which you can later redeem for bonus items.

December’s theme was “Thinking Of You”. When I first saw the bag I was a bit surprised by the looks of it. I said in November’s review that I thought that bag would be perfect for New Year’s since it was glitzy. This bag looks more of what I would expect for February and Valentine’s Day. That said, it does go along with Ipsy being grateful towards us and sending us some love. They say:

“Our happy thoughts are filled with YOU this month. Thank you for a 2014 full of beauty, wisdom, and inspiration. You’ve given us so many reasons to smile and look forward to another amazing year ahead. Who are you thinking of and thankful for this month?”

IMG_8127 IMG_8128

The bag itself I’m really happy with. It’s a great material and while it’s shorter than they usually are, it’s also wider. I feel like I’m more likely to use this over any of the others.


Beauty Without Cruelty A.H.A. 3% Facial Cleanser–This cleanser is a lightly-foaming, soap-free cleanser that removes dead surface skin cells, daily impurities, and excess oil without over cleaning. Alpha hydroxy acids deepy clean and clarify your skin while Oshadhi aroma-therapeutic essential oils tone, condition, and calm your skin, leaving it clean, clear and refreshed. While the smell of this product isn’t bad, it’s also not great. I really like facial cleansers that have a nice scent to them. That said, this is a decent sized sample that can really give me a good idea of how the product works. First impression is fairly decent, it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh after use. It’s good for normal to oily skin which is perfect for me. The issue with products like this though are that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to use it, either due to sensitivity or having a different skin type.

 IMG_8133 IMG_8134
CAILYN Cosmetics Just Mineral Eye Polish–This polish is made with 100% raw mineral powder which is highly pigmented. It’s not only brightly colors your eyes but is safe to wear for long hours. Everyone who received this got the color “Orchid” which is a bit of a gold tone. I was disappointed when I first saw this because I thought for sure it was nail polish, and definitely not a color that I would wear. I’m still not sure about the color for my eyes, but I’m definitely more inclined towards it. It’s really easy to apply with the built-in sponge tip and makes it easy to blend in. I found that the color didn’t stand much out on my skin tone but it gave a really nice shiney and glittery look.
NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Balm–One swipe of this lip balm leaves lips feelings supple and hydrated. I’ve received a few NYX lip products in the past, and have always been really happy with them. I received mine in Marshmallow which is a pure nude. It doesn’t have much of a scent or flavor to it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s very moisturizing which I need right now. I always love when I get a lip balm in a box because I always need them. My lips often get dry, especially with it being winter. I seem to always lose/misplace lip balms because I just leaving them laying around the house. It’s great to have an abundance in each room, and in my pocket, and at work, and in my purse, so that I never have to look too hard. This is a welcome addition to my collection.
tarte Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes, 4-in-1 Mascara–This is tarte’s best-selling mascara. It lengthens, curls, volumizes and conditions your lashes to deliver a 330% increase in volume. It also nourishes and protects your lashes with it’s naturally-derived olive esters. This is actually a pretty decent sized sample. I don’t often wear mascara so I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to keep this one. I haven’t used up a past one yet so we will see what happens.
Sexy Hair 450° Blow Out Heat Defense Blow Dry Spray Mini–This spray protects hair from heat damage up to 450°F. It also conditions for smooth, sleek styles, detangles, and strengthens hair. It helps decrease blow dry time and adds a weightless shine. I’m actually really excited for this. I used to never blow dry my hair because it would take forever just due to the length and volume of hair that I had. Ever since I got my hair cut I have been blow drying it because it takes less than 5 minutes. I’ve been meaning to buy a heat defense, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. This was great timing for this product to show up. My hair feels very soft while using it and I’d say it cut drying time in half, which is pretty good!
December was going to be the determining month on whether or not I kept Ipsy. I decided that at this time I’m going to keep going. I love the variety of items that they sent this month, and I feel as though they are actually useful to me. This is my favorite month in a long time, and I’m going to see what happens over the next while. There have been a few spoilers released for January and I’m hopeful for a great bag.