Ipsy April 2015

Ipsy (referral link) is a monthly beauty subscription. Each month subscribers receive a Glam Bag that has a combination of 4-5 deluxe samples and full size products. The cost is $10 a month with $4.95 shipping to Canada.

They currently have a wait list but there are different ways to ‘skip’ it. If you chose to wait it can take anywhere from 1-3 months (from what I hear). They also sometimes have a ‘skip the wait list’ day.

Usually around the 12th of the month you have the option of viewing your “Glam Room” which shows the items that you will be receiving. There are usually about 20 different items and the ones you receive are determined by a survey you fill out when you sign up. You can also collect ipsy points by doing reviews, which you can later redeem for bonus items.

The Bag

I wouldn’t say that I’m big into the whole Bohemian style, but there are some aspects of it that I really like. This bag would be one of those things, I like the natural look of it, and the fact that it’s actually a weaved type texture.

The Goods


JulieG Nail Color–A highly pigmented polish with a no chip formula and a brush applicator for smooth application. I received this in Damsel, which is a mid-tone pink creme. I have a lot of pink polishes, but I’m welcome to having one more. This is a really nice pink color and goes on really smooth. It seems to have a pretty good formula, but I’m starting to think that “no chip” really doesn’t exist.


Pandora’s Makeup Box Pink Carnation Blush–This peachy-pink color is suitable for all skin tones and made with long-lasting, vibrant pigments with a silky texture for easier application. The formula was designed for professional use, and has the best quality pigment and ingredients to highlight the cheekbone. I’m sure by now you know how I feel about blush, it’s almost reached mascara level. I won’t be keeping this item.

IMG_0109 IMG_0110

theBalm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single–You can use this as a shadow, or add a bit of water and use it as a liner! It can be worn wet, dry, alone or layered, so there are tons of options with this shadow. I really like this color, and I think the packaging is hilarious and cheeky (pun intended). It’s an extremely small sample, but I’ll definitely use it. There are some other shades that I might have preferred to receive, but it’s a good color for me.


MicaBeauty Eye Primer–You can use this for sealing eyeshadow and foundation, or just to enhance your look. It’s waterproof and is the perfect foundation for a long-lasting and smudge proof look. It can also help even out your skin tone and extends and intensifies your mineral shadows without creasing, smearing or fading. I feel like I have quite a number of eye primers, but I’ll likely hold onto this one. It’s a good size and a useful product. I’ve been getting a lot of mineral shadow lately so the help with that is also a benefit.


Mullein & Sparrow Mini Lip & Cheek Tiny–This is an all-natural, sheer, tinted balm that gives your lips and cheeks a slight flush and dewy finish. I won’t be using this on my cheeks (for obvious reasons) but I really like the color for my lips. I was expecting it to be quite dark but it was actually rather sheer. It’s not as dark as it looks in the picture, but it does look like a very deep purple. It isn’t sticky feeling going on, and the packaging is quite cute as well.

Final Thoughts

The bag is great, and one I will keep, and there was a good mix of items. There were no duplicate use items in this bag (which is always a pet peeve of mine, expect with lip products) and while I won’t use all of them, that’s nothing new. I really wish I could just put it out there saying never send me mascara or blush again though because it seems like it’s always one or the other. I appreciate that the colors all work for me this time around, and that there is some cute packaging along with these items. A few of these brands are also new to me which I always enjoy.

  • Mascara, blush and eyeliner