House Box October 2015

*Please note, this company no longer exists

House Box is a new Canadian subscription box featuring household items. It ships every two months and contains five or more items. These can include household products, non-perishable consumables, atmosphere enhancers and other unique household items. The cost is $21.95 for one box (two months), $59.95 for six months (three boxes) or $113.95 for 12 months (six boxes).

**I received this box free for review purposes, but all opinions are my own. 


This was the first House Box so I was definitely curious to see the items and sizes. The box was fairly small and it appeared to have quite a number of items in it.


It came with this card that also had all the product information on the other side.

The Goods


Murchison-Hume Heirloom Dish Soap–This easily cuts through grease and caked on messes. It is an earth-friendly formula and is effective without all the chemicals. I always hate when these things say “dishwashing liquid” because it always makes me think that it should go into the dishwasher. No, this is dish *space* washing liquid.


Greenmunch Paper Straws–These paper straws are very popular right now, and are much better for the environment than the plastic ones. I am a smoothie fiend so I will definitely be using these! I love the fun colors and pattern on these.


Paradise Mountain Coffee–This organic coffee brand is committed to the development of the highest quality coffee products through empowering small-hold farmers, their communities and the ecosystems of consequence. I’m not a coffee drink but Ian is, so obviously I had him try this. When I asked how it was, he gave me a shrug and said “it’s coffee”. So I suppose I can say that it’s nothing exceptionally delicious, but it certainly wasn’t terrible. He would have been more than happy to say if it was.


The Laundress Delicate Wash–This detergent removes perspiration, body oils and stains. It’s recommended to wash silk in cool or warm water, or on delicate in the washing machine. I definitely don’t own any silk, and really don’t want the trouble of cleaning it. I also don’t hand wash because I just don’t have the time or motivation for that type of work. That being said, I will use this for my regular laundry next week. I had already finished my laundry for the week when I opened this box.


Young Living Essential Oil–This company has therapeutic grade essential oil and aromatherapy products. I’ve been hearing a lot about essential oils, but have never really gotten into them myself. I have heard that peppermint (which is what this sample is) is an appetite suppressant, so I’m happy to see this! It’s always such a nice, fresh scent! It’s definitely a very small sample though and I’m not sure how much it will tell me about the product.


The Good Home Co. Summer Cottage Dryer Sheets–These soften your clothes, control static clean, and leave your dryables softly scented. You can just use one sheet, or two sheets for larger loads. Again, I had just done laundry, but I’ll use this. I usually just use half of a bounce sheet per load, but may try a full one of these just in case. I do like the idea of fresh lemon verbenna!

Final Thoughts

This was the first House Box, so I’m curious to see where this box goes. After shipping, this box costs about $30 and I don’t know if the value is really there. I didn’t do a cost breakdown, but it seems expensive for sample sizes. I think it’s the shipping cost that really hurts the value. $15 or $20 would be more a cost that I would like to see. That said, I did like the items. I like that we got both detergent and a dryer sheet. Receiving one without the other would feel like shampoo without conditioner (I’m looking at you Birchbox). I’m definitely most excited about the straws, and the dish washing liquid is practical. I’m excited to check out the essential oil sample as well, again I just wish it was a bigger sample.

I think I’d like to see more of a focus on Canadian brands in the future. The straws look like they are, but I’m not sure about anything else. I think that this would be a great way to be introduced to new local companies, and I’d probably be more likely to keep buying from them afterwards if I liked their products.

This particular box is still available for purchase, and will continue to be so until it’s time for the December box. At that time, this box will then go into the store. If there are any individual items that caught your eye, you can go and purchase full size items from the store.