House Box February 2016

*Please note, this company is no longer in business

House Box is a Canadian subscription box featuring household items. It ships every two months and contains five or more items. These can include household products, non-perishable consumables, atmosphere enhancers and other unique household items. The cost is $21.95 for one box (two months), $59.95 for six months (three boxes) or $113.95 for 12 months (six boxes).

**I received this box free for review purposes, but all opinions are my own. 

First Look


I like the branded box and the tape with the name as well. That’s one of the small touches that just makes the box look more professional. I was pretty excited the minute that I opened the box because it looked pretty full and seemed to have a good variety of items. This is the third House Box and the second that I have received. I wasn’t super impressed with the first one so I was excited to see the changes that have been made!

The Goods


Sugar Bear–This Brown Sugar Bear helps keep your brown sugar moist for up to three months. It can also help keep cookies, raisins, dried fruits and tobacco moist. You soak it in water for 20 minutes and add it. How did I not know that this exists? I am so excited right now. Ian and I have been getting super frustrated with our brown sugar getting hard. I use it quite often when I make stir fry sauces and Ian uses it whenever he bakes. This is going to save us such a hassle! You can also dry it in the oven and use it to keep spices and salt dry as well as cameras and electronic equipment dry and keep crackers and chips crispy. I love that it can do so much, but we will definitely use it for the brown sugar.


Live For Tomorrow’s Elbow Grease–This is a highly concentrated all purpose cleaner. It also has a coconut & citrus-based formulation that leaves your rooms smelling clean and fresh. This is a vegan product and phosphate free. I’ve never cared a whole lot about that, but I know that is important to many people. It does still have a fairly strong cleaning smell, but to me that says it will do it’s job.

Earth Elements Farm Products–This is a handmade soystick “soothing lip service” that supports in repairing chapped and irritated lips. It’s a pure, hypoallergenic artisan designed product. This is tangerine flavored/scented and it’s nice and light. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel too sticky. I’m quite happy with this!


Kienna Coffee Roasters Kienna Cup–This offers a more cost effective way to make coffee in your Keurig compatible brewer. I don’t drink coffee but Ian does, and he actually has a Keurig! He does have a couple of these things already from another company but I know he will not complain about having another.


Blue Wonder Try Me Cloth–I can’t say that I’ve ever had a cloth that has come with instructions before. I’m super intrigued by this. They recommend soaking it in hot water before using it for the first time. While cleaning you just need to rinse with hot water a few times, no cleaning product needed. They recommend that you may have to wash the same surface a few times at first because of the residue left over from previous cleaning products. For hygenic reasons they say you should use 1 cloth for one task (one for bathrooms, one for kitchen etc.). To clean the cloth you just wash by hand or boil with soap. It is not dryer safe! The cloth does pick up bacteria but it will not grow or multiply in the cloth. Putting it in boiling water will get rid of the bacteria. I haven’t decided yet where I’m going to use this (probably will end up being the kitchen) but I really love the concept of not needing to use any cleaner. It’s cheaper in the long run, and way more environmentally friendly. I’m not sure how to tell if it really does what it says but I figure if it looks clean, I’m happy!


Earth Elements Farm Products Soy Tealight–This is a non-toxic pure burning wax. It burns up to 50% longer than other candles. It’s NGI-GMM free soy wax, pesticide and herbicide free, food grade quality, kosher certified and made with finally braided paper wicks. It’s never occurred to me that some candles can be better for the environment and more natural than others. I’m not sure exactly what scent this is, but it has a bit of a vanilla scent I think. I really like the addition of including matches with this as well, it’s just one of those added small touches.

Final Thoughts

My opinion from the first box to this box is a complete 180. One thing that I didn’t mention on the item descriptions is that every single item was made in Canada. This is a huge deal for me. With the exchange rate and economy being where it is right now it’s great to be able to support local companies. I think this was something that the first box was missing and I’m so happy to see that change. I hope this is a regular thing with this box. I like the mix of items and feel like everything is really practical and usable. I wasn’t excited after the first box and I don’t know if I would have really recommended it to anyone, but this I recommend. If you want to support a Canadian company, discover some new Canadian brands, and get some great household products, go subscribe.