Highlights of 2015

Well, it looks as though another year has come and gone. I already spent some time looking forward into next year by sharing my 2016 Bucket List with you last week, but today I’m going to take look back. It’s easy to feel down on yourself when you feel like you haven’t accomplished a whole heck of a lot in a year, I know I was feeling that way for all of about a minute. Thankfully that feeling passed by quickly when I realized just how good of a year I had, how much I got to do, and what I all accomplished. Join me as I take a look back on 2015!

Some really delicious food

We were able to make it to some old favorites, and some new places as well. Had some healthy food, some treats, and even some deep fried alligator!

Highlights of 2015 Cora'sHighlights of 2015 FudgeHighlights of 2015 Red Velvet Oreo'sHighlights of 2015 Pink CadillacsHighlights of 2015 Alligator & WingsHighlights of 2015 Pink CadillacsHighlights of 2015 BonanzaHighlights of 2015 Pizza Hut BuffetHighlights of 2015 Girls Night OutHighlights of 2015 Bourbon Street GrillHighlights of 2015 Stacked

Running EIGHT(!) 5k’s 

I never would have thought that I would learn to love running. I used to loathe any fitness type activity, and now here I am. Saskatchewan Marathon, Mogathon, Color Me Rad and a whole bunch of virtual 5k’s. Ready for a new year and new goals!

Highlights of 2015 Saskatchewan MarathonHighlights of 2015 MogathonHighlights of 2015 Color Me RadHighlights of 2015 Fit, Fab & LeanHighlights of 2015 Virtual 5k "I Ain't Afraid"Highlights of 2015 Runner's Best FriendHighlights of 2015 Mustache DacheHighlights of 2015 Cupcake Run

 Visiting new places

I love traveling. We only left Saskatchewan once, but that was just a quick trip for my uncles funeral. We did all sorts of traveling and exploring in our own province and it was so much fun! Discovered the Sandhills, Grasslands and so much more. Turns out I really enjoy camping! My highlight was definitely seeing Sam Kelly’s cave. I love all the old outlaw history. Too bad the rest of that tour was a bit of a bust though.

Highlights of 2015 CampingHighlights of 2015 SandhillsHighlights of 2015 GrasslandsHighlights of 2015 Sam Kelly Outlaw Cave

Adding to our collections

We collect quite a number of things. Most can be summed up by referring to it as antique/vintage collectibles. Here are a few of my favorite additions throughout the year.

Highlights of 2015 Like Like Vintage BottleHighlights of 2015 Coca Cola Cookie Jar Highlights of 2015 Antique RadioHighlights of 2015 Vintage Basketweave PurseHighlights of 2015 Trunk Full of Records

Getting appreciated at work

It’s nice getting appreciated. From being recognized for hard work, to just having random treats appear, it never gets old. After working so many years in positions where I worked my butt off without recognition, it sure is a nice change. Never gets old, even though I’ve been here for over two years now.

Highlights of 2015 AppreciationHighlights of 2015 Candy Bouquet

Having random fun

From camel rides to zip lining to getting to go into one of the money machines where the air blows cash around, it’s fun to look back on those random moments that just make you smile.

 Highlights of 2015 Camel RideHighlights of 2015 Eco-Adventures Zip LineHighlights of 2015 Money Machine

Experimenting with smoothies

I’ve grown a lot this year. I’ve come to enjoy healthy food and trying new things. I never would have thought that I’d put spinach into smoothies and actually enjoy it!

Highlights of 2015 Berry SmoothieHighlights of 2015 Green Smoothie Highlights of 2015 Peanut Butter Smoothie

Winning prizes!

I’m addicted to entering contests. Even though I don’t often win, I still have to try. My favorite was definitely the gold fork for being able to order “Bacon Double Cheese Poutine” from New York Fries in Pig Latin. I can still say it without hesitation.

Highlights of 2015 Socks & HIIT BookHighlights of 2015 Yoga Paws Highlights of 2015 Gold Fork

New workouts

Going for lunch time walks, walking instead of driving, yoga, hula hoop, aerial hammock, and many at home workouts. It wasn’t just running that I found a passion for, it’s all kinds of healthy habits. I can’t wait to try out more kinds of fitness in 2016, there is so much left to discover!

Highlights of 2015 WalkingHighlights of 2015 Weighted Hula HoopHighlights of 2015 Aerial HammockHighlights of 2015 Resistance BandHighlights of 2015 Hula HoopHighlights of 2015 Yoga

Being featured

Three months in a row I submitted some Polyvore styles to be featured on the Popbasic releases, and my styles were chosen! It was pretty neat to get some exposure like that just by doing what I love!

Highlights of 2015 Popbasic Stylings Highlights of 2015 Popbasic Stylings Highlights of 2015 Popbasic Stylings

Being published

It’s been pretty neat writing for Yogi Approved since October. It’s challenged me as a writer and I think I’ve definitely grown from it. It’s given me the inspiration to make some changes around this blog, which you’ll slowly start seeing once the new year hits. You can check out all my current works to date by going here.

Highlights of 2015 Yogi Approved

Attending some fun events

Saskatoon is great for events and festivals, and I always like to take in as many as possible. Two that stand out the most to me were definitely SFDF and Girls Night Out with New Balance. They were the two festivals/events that were new and different for me and were a ton of fun.
Highlights of 2015 SFDFHighlights of 2015 Girls Night Out


Just to top it all off, we also got a new vehicle (okay, technically Ian got a new vehicle, but it still counts as “we”).

Highlights of 2015 New Vehicle

Yup, I must say, this was a pretty good year! Can’t wait to see what next year brings!