Happy Mail September 2015

Happy Mail is a monthly card subscription box that was launched by blog A Beautiful Mess. The cost is $20 a month plus $2 for international shipping. The cost goes down the longer the commitment. I signed up for a one year commitment so it is costing me $15 a month plus shipping. I’ve been a fan of A Beautiful Mess for quite some time now. They cover a variety of topics from cooking, DIY, fashion, photography, blogging etc. They have also come out with Messy Box which consists of paper, stickers, washi tape, and many other items that you need to make great albums and scrapbooks.

No first look because really, how many times do you need to see the envelope? Let’s get right into this!

The Goods


Beverage folded card–“Wishing you a Venti sized birthday!”

“You make me feel…” flat card–blank on other side


“Congrats” folded card–blank on inside

“You are a great friend” flat card–blank on other side


“Thank You” flat card–blank on other side (not sure why I got two?)

“You’re the best” folded card–“You can quote me on that” on inside


Latte flat card–“You’re the pumpkin spice to my latte” on other side

“I’m falling for you” flat card–blank on other side


Typewriter Postcard


Washi Tape Stickers

Emoticon Stickers


“But First, Coffee” Java Jacket

Final Thoughts

September is the start of Fall, and back to school time. I feel that these cards really followed that theme with the pictures and colors. My favorite was definitely the typewriter postcard, and I doubt I’ll ever send that one out. I think it will one day hang in my dream closet! Some cards I didn’t care for as much personally, but that’s because I really don’t like hot beverages. It’s not about what I like in a card though, it’s about what others like! Anything latte and pumpkin spice is all the rage this time of year, so it’s pretty perfect! I also love the envelope that has the quotation marks on it, I love when they match cards and envelopes!