Happy Mail October 2015

Happy Mail is a monthly card subscription box that was launched by blog A Beautiful Mess. The cost is $20 a month plus $2 for international shipping. The cost goes down the longer the commitment. I signed up for a one year commitment so it is costing me $15 a month plus shipping. I’ve been a fan of A Beautiful Mess for quite some time now. They cover a variety of topics from cooking, DIY, fashion, photography, blogging etc. They have also come out with Messy Box which consists of paper, stickers, washi tape, and many other items that you need to make great albums and scrapbooks.

Let me tell you, Canada Post is not currently in my good books. This subscription always comes in a very sturdy and stiff cardboard envelope. Unfortunately, our mail delivery person decided to fold the one side over in order to shove it into our mailbox, rather than leaving it at our door like our previous person did. Thankfully there was only one causality, but I was none to pleased.

The Goods


Heck Yes postcard

Wink flat card–“Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say no more. Say no more.”


Happy Birthday folded card–blank inside


Rock candy flat card–“You make life sweet.”

Records folded card–“You’re a classic.”


“You Nailed It” flat card–blank on other side

“Just Because” flat card–“I think you’re awesome.”


Band aid folded card–“Sorry”

Lipstick flat card–blank on other side


Note pad

Washi tape–I’m assuming that’s what this is?


This was the one casualty. It was the one item affected by the folded envelope, and now has a crease across it. It’s a shame as I really like this quote, and it does make you stop and think about how you’re living your life.

Final Thoughts

Other than the one issue, I really liked this month. There was a nice variety of occasions featured, and a lot of cute cards. I was surprised to not see any Halloween related cards since this was from October, but that is fine by me. I received this after October so I wouldn’t have been able to use it until next year anyway. My favorite was definitely the rock candy and records, just because I like those two items.