Happy Mail May 2015

Happy Mail is a monthly card subscription box that was launched by blog A Beautiful Mess. The cost is $20 a month plus $2 for international shipping. The cost goes down the longer the commitment. I signed up for a one year commitment so it is costing me $15 a month plus shipping. I’ve been a fan of A Beautiful Mess for quite some time now. They cover a variety of topics from cooking, DIY, fashion, photography, blogging etc. They have also come out with Messy Box which consists of paper, stickers, washi tape, and many other items that you need to make great albums and scrapbooks.

This month’s happy mail took a little while to get here again. The packaging as also a bit worse for wear, but everything inside was still in pristine condition.

The Goods


Happy Birthday folded card–Blank Inside

Succulent folded card–You’re my favorite


Buttons and Thread folded card–You’re cute as a button

Eye Love You! folded card–Blank inside


You’re Twisted folded card–…but I still love you!

You’re Golden flat card–Blank on other side


Dance Step flat card–blank on other side

What’s up? Postcard


Get To Work print

Wi-Fi- Password Print


Word Stickets

Emoji Stickers

Final Thoughts

This was a great selection of cards and extras! The feature this month was definitely rose gold foil. I love how they use a different foil color each month. My favorite card was definitely the “You’re Twisted” one. The color, the pretzel, and best of all was the inside. It had me cracking up right away. I really like the idea of the Wi-fi password print. It’s great to put in your office, or even if you have a guest bedroom that gets used often. It looks exactly like what you’d get on a little print out at a hotel! The Get To Work print will definitely go into my office/work space when I have one at home someday. I also like the addition of the emoji stickers and the words. I still haven’t used any of the quotes from last time, but I feel like these will be easier to use since they are just normal, every day words. Huge win this month!

  • I’ve changed our wifi (good before data) that they had to clean rooms before they got the new codes!