Happy Mail March 2015

Happy Mail is a monthly card subscription box that was launched by blog A Beautiful Mess. The cost is $20 a month plus $2 for international shipping. The cost goes down the longer the commitment. I signed up for a one year commitment so it is costing me $15 a month plus shipping. I’ve been a fan of A Beautiful Mess for quite some time now. They cover a variety of topics from cooking, DIY, fashion, photography, blogging etc. They have also come out with Messy Box which consists of paper, stickers, washi tape, and many other items that you need to make great albums and scrapbooks.

While this showed up in April, it definitely came a lot faster than my first one. I’m hoping that trend continues. I love how cute the envelope is! I went spoiler free this month so I was excited to dig in and see what was all included.

The Goods


Shopping List note pad
Gift tags

I used to make grocery lists, but that kind of ended. I really like how this is laid out with specific departments and I will very likely use it. There were 6 of the gift tags included, I actually have the perfect use for these for a gift exchange I’m participating in!


“I Owe You Big Time” Folded Card
Dolly Parton Folded Card

Inside the first one it says “I can repay you in: coffee, umbrella drinks, babysitting, guilty pleasures, donuts and funny text messages” and you can check off which one you pick. I think that’s really cute, and a great card when you want to thank someone. I love the quote on the Dolly Parton card! It was also a great idea for them to include a rainbow envelope.


“Hello There” Flat Card
Cat Flat Card

The first card is just blank on the other side, and the cat one says “Cheer up, buttercup”. I love that the first one could literally be used for anything. I also know a LOT of people who for some reason love cats (I’m not one of those) so I will definitely have a use for this card, in fact I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to do with it!


Happy Birthday Flat Card
“You Got This” Flat Card

These two cards are both blank on the backside. The happy birthday card could be used for anyone, male or female, which is really great. Since there is no specific message on the other side it could also go to anyone with any relation to you. I love the combination of the yellow and pink on the other card, and how great it would be for any kind of encouragement!


Home Flat Card
“I Love You” Flat Card

On the back of the first card it says “Home Sweet Home”. I’m hoping that someone I know buys a house soon so that I can put this to use! The back of the puppy card has a picture of popcorn and says “more than a pug loves popcorn”. So cute! I’m more of a dog person, so I have an appreciation for this card. The dog looks so sad though. Also, does anyone know how much a pug loves popcorn?


“Don’t Stop” Post Card

I’m not huge on sending post cards, mostly because the world can see what you’re saying, but I’m sure I’ll eventually use it. I’m really excited for these stickers. Some I will use when I figure out a system to organize my cards, others I may use in my day planner!


Love this quote! I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of custom prints we end up with every month. I really do look forward to using these all one day!

Final Thoughts

Second month with this subscription, and I’m still loving it. I’m definitely going to have WAY too many cards by the end of my subscription, but I already have uses for a few that I’ve gotten. Also, I’m still loving that I won’t have to enter a card store for many, many years!

  • The Nickel Nook

    A very nice assortment of great cards! 🙂

  • reneremy7

    I love that grocery list! so cute!

  • Alexis

    Just got my April one! It’s awesome! I also got Rosario Dawson quarterly. Love abm happy mail cards!