Happy Mail July 2015

Happy Mail is a monthly card subscription box that was launched by blog A Beautiful Mess. The cost is $20 a month plus $2 for international shipping. The cost goes down the longer the commitment. I signed up for a one year commitment so it is costing me $15 a month plus shipping. I’ve been a fan of A Beautiful Mess for quite some time now. They cover a variety of topics from cooking, DIY, fashion, photography, blogging etc. They have also come out with Messy Box which consists of paper, stickers, washi tape, and many other items that you need to make great albums and scrapbooks.

I had seen some spoilers for this month and was really excited to see what was all included!

The Goods


“You Spin Me Right Round” flat card–blank on other side

#soulmates flat card–blank on other side


“You’re Married” folded card–“this is swanderful! Congratulations!”

“Happy Birthday” flat card–blank on other side


“There’s more to life” folded card–“But you’re handling it just fine”

“I love you” flat card–blank on other side


Crossword flat card–blank on other side

Day dream flat card–blank on other side


“Keepin’ It Real” flat card–blank on other side

“Let’s Taco’Bout It” postcard


Succulent and letter/number stickers

“Hiya toots” pencil




“Whatever Makes You Weird” print

Final Thoughts

I love this month’s print. I can’t wait to hang these all up one day! My favorite card has to be a tie between the #soulmates and “There’s more to life”. The one with the record player is definitely a runner up. There was a good mixture between occasion specific cards, and more generic ones. I look forward to this subscription every month, and this was no let down. I’ve even started to actually send some out!