FabFitFun Autumn 2015

FabFitFun(referral link) is a quarterly subscription box. Every three months you receive a seasonal gift box filled with items that fall under the “Fab” “Fit” and “Fun” categories. The cost is $49.99 a quarter with $8 shipping to Canada (which is a really good price!).

First Look

FFF usually has a plain black box with pink writing, but this month they did something different. This box is in honour of their partnership with Allstate Foundation Purple Purse for Domestic Violence Awareness month through October. It’s designed by Kelsey Oseid, who is a freelance artist from Minneapolis MN.  This pattern was created based on the concept of the raindrop. She wanted to bring a fresh, cleansing, good for you feeling to this season’s goodies. I think this is so suiting for DVA month.


In addition to the outside of the box, they also added this to the inside. While I don’t like pumpkin spice anything, I do appreciate the additions to the overall look of the box.


It’s always so full, and I love that everything seemed to be individually packed!


Normally FFF just includes a single card that has all the product information, but this time they did a whole catalogue!


Inside the catalogue is product information, as well as extra details with people who contributed to making this box happen!

The Goods


Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask by Passport To Beauty ($56)–There are two masks included and they help stimulate circulation, increase enzyme activity, and soothe skin. Gold is actually believed to heal the skin. It has anti-bacterial properties and is thought to stimulate collagen production, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Along with gold and collagen, it also incorporates Rosa Damascena, which is an essential oil that helps soothe and soften skin. It has a cooling effect when placed on the skin, and after 20 minutes it will reveal smoother and glowing skin. I used one mask, and I’m not loving it. It’s really gooey and has a heavy rubber feel to it. It really didn’t seem to stay on my face very good. It was droopy and didn’t stay on properly unless I was laying down. As far as results, I really didn’t see any difference, but I’d probably need to use it on a regular basis before I did. I definitely don’t think it’s worth the price though.


Strength Tubing Ankle & Total Body Tone with Tubing: Lower Body & Core DVD by Merrithew ($33)–This full-length workout tones your lower body and core to get maximum shaping and sculpting results. Yikes to this workout. I had to try it out before writing this review, and dang! I can definitely see someone getting results from this if they use it on a regular basis. I don’t think I’ve ever done so many squats at once in my life, my legs were shaky for quite some time after! There is a bonus workout that focuses on the core, but you need a resistance band for that. I kind of wish they would have included one of those as well so that we could get the full benefit of both workouts.


Lucky Lip Stain by Manna Kadar Cosmetics ($24)–This is a 3-in-1 product, it triples as a primer, lip gloss and lip stain. It also adds a moisturizing treatment to your lips. This goes on smooth but does have a slightly sticky feel to it. The colour is nice and subtle though.


HISY Battery Pack ($24.99)–This is a rechargeable battery pack that you can take anywhere with you. It comes with an Android-compatible cord, but it has a basic USB port that you can use any cord with. This will be super handy! It’s going to get charged, and go straight into my purse! It’ll be great for days when I’m constantly on the go, as well as anytime we take a road trip or go camping! Really happy to have this, and I love the colour!


FabFitFun x Tappan Collective Umbrella ($32)–They teamed up with Tappan Collective, which is an online platform for up-and-coming artists) to create this one of a kind umbrella. It has a quirky, colourful print created by LA-based artist Ashkahn Shahparnia. There were five different colour options. While this isn’t my preferred colour, I don’t dislike it. Ashkahn was inspired by Rain, Rain Go Away, which is a song I’m sure we are all familiar with! I really like the design, and let’s face it, this is what we are ALL thinking when it’s raining! He will soon be coming out with a greeting card collection and releasing some new notepads and gift wrap. I’m curious to check out more of his stuff!


Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet by Tribe Alive ($49)–These are hand-cut glass crystals. Tribe Alive works with artisan partners all over the world to employ impoverished women by providing them with a sustainable income. Each bracelet was hand-crafted by women in Honduras, a country which suffers from a hugely unequal distribution of wealth. I love the idea behind this. It’s so great that FFF is contributing to causes like this, and helping bring awareness to the situation. This is a gorgeous bracelet, but definitely more dainty and delicate than I usually go for. I want to wear this just for the meaning though!


Purple Purse Charm by Allstate Foundation Purple Purse–This is in honour of Domestic Violence Awareness month, and they wanted to help spread awareness for the cause. You attach this charm to your purse and show your support for women who are in need and join the fight against domestic violence and financial abuse.


Flawless Skin Fluid by doctor D. Schwab ($39)–This is a lightweight moisturizer which can be worn on its own, or under makeup. It smooths and visually corrects uneven skin tone. It contains natural ingredients like grape stem cell extract and powerful peptides to help balance and brighten your skin and give it a youthful looking, flawless glow. I did like how this went on, it absorbed easily and didn’t leave any oily residue. I didn’t necessarily notice any skin tone evening, but that could also be because I put it on in the evening, I think I’d notice more of a difference using it in the morning. I am curious how this would work for various skin tones since it’s tinted, but it did blend in easily on my skin.


This was a sponsored item, so it has no value attached to it. I never really care for these samples, you can never really get results or tell if it works with just one use.


Jewellers Wife Gift Card

Picture It On Canvas Gift Card

These were two gift cards that were included in the value of the box. I’m okay with these being included as sponsored items, but not when they contribute to the overall value.

Let’s talk about Jewelers Wife first. Things are expensive on that site. $15 hardly even makes a dent on most items. I also went through part of the checkout process just to check on shipping and it would cost about $30 to ship to Canada. This doesn’t even cover half of that.

Now for Picture it on Canvas. $75 is a pretty good amount to include! They have a lot of different options from canvas to metal to books. Shipping to Canada? $25-$60 depending on item/weight I’m guessing.

I really wish that FFF would take Canada into more consideration. I’m very glad that they are shipping to us, but there have often been issues with gift cards. It would be nice if they either found companies that have better prices for Canada or even see about using different companies for their Canadian customers. Okay, end rant.


You may recognize this water bottle from the Spring box (also I clearly need a bigger product tent for items like this). FFF added a new feature this month, and that was add-ons. Before boxes shipped you had the opportunity to pick out an item from a select list. Now, here is the story. There was a delay in shipping Canadian boxes last quarter because there was an item that couldn’t be flown across the border, so they needed a new shipping method. Since there was a delay we were told that we’d receive an extra goodie in our next box. I was really excited to see what that item would be but then got an email that it was a $10 credit towards an add-on. This disappointed me. I’ve received all boxes since they started shipping here, and really didn’t need a second of any of the items. I ended up picking this since it was free, and I use my current one every day. I don’t really need a second one, but didn’t want the $10 to go to waste. I just wish that they would have included a surprise item, but I do appreciate the gesture.

Final Thoughts

I was highly impressed with this box. It had a great variety of items that were a mixture of fun and practical. I really like that they had items that supported good causes (Purple Purse and Tribe Alive) and had some freelance artists contribute to designs. Aside from the gift card debacle, this box was a complete hit. You can still get this box, and there is a $10 off coupon! All you need to do is use this link. Use code TryFFF to get the discount! You can get all these items for just $40! That’s such a great deal!

  • The Nickel Nook

    Looks like a great box! I love the umbrella and the beautiful bracelet! :o)