Downtown Sidewalk Sale

This past weekend was the 39th annual downtown sidewalk sale. It ran from Thursday-Saturday and we went first thing Saturday morning. We wanted to go before it got too hot, or got too busy! For as long as my memory serves me, I haven’t gone to this. I’ve always wanted to, other things have just come up. I was excited to take a wander downtown and see what the stores had to offer!


They block off a large area of downtown and the different stores set up right on the street. Most businesses just set up right outside their store, but there are also some from that mall that set up, as well as some food vendors. They even had SaskTel and a car dealership!


I would say that the sale is definitely more focused on women, but there is still something for everyone. Whether you enjoy shopping for shoes, clothes, books or even antiques, there was something set up for you! Not all stores had an area set up on the street, but they were still advertising sales in their stores. Some were also advertising air conditioning, which gave Ian a bit more patience while I looked around!   IMG_0775 IMG_0776  IMG_0773IMG_0778IMG_0783

I got a bit hungry by the time we worked our way down the one side, thankfully Cupcake Conspiracy was there to save me! They were having a sale for a cupcake and drink for $5. I haven’t had a cupcake for quite some time so I couldn’t say no to that! I went with the double chocolate one, and man was it ever good. The mound of icing was massive, and it was all delicious! I don’t really enjoy drinking pop anymore (except for Jones, there is always a place for Jones in my life), so I went with this fancy evian water in a glass bottle. I definitely recommend Cupcake Conspiracy if you’re craving a sweet treat!


They also had all sorts of events and entertainment happening throughout the three days. There was DJ’s, fashion shows and some live music. Definitely a lot to check out!


I actually behaved myself and didn’t buy too much. I bought a really pretty scarf from La Vie Lente, and a great new red hat from Tonic! I also bought two grab bags from Tonic because I have an addiction. Unfortunately, most items in the bags were hair accessories which I have no use for! Definitely would have used them if I still had my long hair though!


Can we also talk about how CUTE this top is? Yes, that is hot air balloons! I bought it from Autumn Olive Boutique (referral code), which is run by a girl I met through a Facebook group. She has SO many cute items ranging from XS-L. I highly recommend that you pay the website a visit. She’s also got super reasonable shipping to Canada, like I’m talking $3 reasonable! She frequently adds new items so make sure you check back often!