Color Me Rad

When I first started running at the beginning of 2015, I decided I wanted to run in Color Me Rad. This led into me also signing up for Saskatchewan Marathon and Mogathon, which I have already written about. Color Me Rad is one race that I had always looked at Facebook pictures of and always felt jealous of those running in it. I couldn’t wait to experience it myself!

The race was held on June 27th at Diefenbaker Park, which was the same location as the other two. The route ended up being the exact same as the Mogathon was, so it was nice to already know what to expect as far as the actual race.

Packet pick up was the day before the race at the park. They had some tables set up where you sign in, get your t-shirt and socks, and also purchase some extra apparel or color bombs. They were starting to set up a stage and the start/finish lines. There was a lot of energy in the area with tons of color. There was no line up, so I was in and out pretty quick.

I had signed up for the 9:15 wave and we got to the park just after 8:00am. There was already tons of people. At one point they said there was about 3000 people running this year. That’s about the same number of people who ran in the Saskatchewan Marathon!

There were tents set up around the perimeter with different sponsors set up, and a merch table as well.

Color Me Rad Saskatoon Color Me Rad Saskatoon

At around 8:30 a guy got up on the stage and invited others to come surround the area. That’s when all the pre-run entertainment began. They were playing music, throwing out prizes and color packets, and inviting people up on to the stage to do various activities. Some of these were guzzling pop/juice, doing wall sits etc. Who ever won the activity got an opportunity to get a free gel drop! You could also pay $5 for one. I didn’t do one since we had a car show to attend after the run, but next year I might have to! It was high energy and everyone was having a great time.

Color Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad Saskatoon

They also did a color throw to get things started!

Color Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad Saskatoon

At 9:00 they got the first wave of people to line up. They let them through about 200 at a time so that everyone would get a chance to get color on them. I thought that this was great, other wise it would have gotten way too congested! They also sprayed powder and gel while people were waiting.

Color Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad Saskatoon

I went at about the third last wave. There were two color stations within approximately the first 1.5 km’s. They were busy throwing color on people, but I learned it was best to slow down as much as possible in order to make sure you weren’t missed.

Color Me Rad Saskatoon

This is when I need to complain to you, people of Saskatchewan. Before people took off the announcer reminded everyone that road rules apply. Slower people stay to the right, faster to the left. I am completely aware that this is a fun run, it’s not timed and there is no reason to rush. That doesn’t mean that people don’t want to run.

Color Me Rad Saskatoon

This means that if you are in a group of 5 people, walk in a couple different rows. DO NOT take up the entire path so that anyone running has to go onto the grass, into the ditch, dodge around people or walk until there is a clearing on the side so that you’re not running in trees. It’s just obnoxious to take up the entire path.

Color Me Rad Saskatoon

Another note. If you want to stop and have your picture taken, do not just casually walk in front of those who are running. That causes a traffic jam, may make people run into each other, and is overall just dangerous. When you’re driving you don’t go until it’s clear, when people are walking/running the same rules apply.

Smarten up people.

Color Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad Saskatoon

Throughout the river paths there wasn’t any color stations, which wasn’t surprising. There really isn’t the space for them because of how narrow the paths are. Once we went up the hill, back to the street, there was water and people spraying gel onto others.

Again, I need to talk to you, people of Saskatchewan. When there is a line up, you go to the end. You don’t just cozy up to people from the side, or blatantly cut in front of them. It’s rude. You’re not better than anyone else, and you don’t deserve to get to the front of the line before people who have been waiting longer.

Once again, smarten up people.

The line moved slow (probably because of everyone cutting) but I was grateful to get a full bottle of water. Past races just give cups and it never feels like enough. Plus, you want to ditch it as soon as possible. I was able to put the lid on the water and carry it with me for the rest of the race.

It was so nice to be on the road. There was actually room to run around all the people who wanted to take up as much room as possible.

It was quite a hot day already and I was melting a bit from the heat. As we were nearing the park someone had actually set their sprinkler up on the road. I didn’t run through it because I didn’t want to get the color all wet at that point, but there was a lot of people taking advantage of this. Definitely a nice move on that person’s part!

It wasn’t until we hit the park again that there were any color stations. I’m guessing this has to do with the City of Saskatoon only wanting them in certain areas because of clean up. There were a couple of gel and color stations at the end, and once you crossed the finish line there were full bottles of water again.

Color Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad Saskatoon Color Me Rad Saskatoon

There was all sorts of fun going on in the park still. They had some guys on the stage doing a dance off, which was a lot of fun to watch. I located Ian after a bit and then joined the crowd at the front. There was music, gel drops, and tons of colorful people. Soon after I joined the crowd it was time for a color throw! Everyone was given a color packet when the crossed the finish line, and more were thrown out into the crowd as well.

Color Me Rad Saskatoon Color Me Rad Saskatoon Color Me Rad SaskatoonColor Me Rad Saskatoon

This was definitely when I got the most covered by color. Everyone threw their color up in the air, and they were spraying some gel from the front. I was a bit disappointed by the amount of color on me after the run, but this definitely changed that around!Color Me Rad Saskatoon

Overall, this was a really fun experience and I will do it again next year. I have no complaints about the run, or how they organize things. My only complaint was stated above, people need to make room for those running. Next year I’m definitely going to get in the first wave, and try to be one of the first. I think that will greatly help with my frustration towards others. Maybe others can do their part too and be a bit more courteous to those around them.

Color Me Rad Saskatoon