What I’m Loving

  1. Sanuk I will forever be obsessed with these shoes. They are made from recycled yoga mats and are the most comfortable thing ever. I recently had a friend ask about the Yoga Sling sandals (pi... Read More

Movie Night Part 2

Last month I wrote about how I gave myself the task to get rid of as many movies as possible and I managed to get rid of over 100! This was a huge feat for me and I’m quite proud of that number.... Read More

Movie Night

I recently gave myself the daunting task of going through all my movies and getting rid of as many as possible. I’m not talking about going through some files on my computer of movies that have ... Read More

Highlights of 2015

Well, it looks as though another year has come and gone. I already spent some time looking forward into next year by sharing my 2016 Bucket List with you last week, but today I’m going to take l... Read More

Money Saving Apps

I became obsessed with coupons and finding the best deal when I first moved out on my own. I would use coupons every chance I got, and had a huge stock pile of items from doing that. What I started to... Read More


When I was young I had a huge obsession with temporary tattoos. There was just something about having a picture on your body. That exciting moment of holding it against your skin, wetting it, sometim... Read More