That Time of Year

By all accounts it would appear it is “that time of the year“. Sweaters, scarves and boots are starting to be your go-to pieces in the morning, everything is pumpkin spice flavored and i... Read More

I Am Not Depressed

This is a post that has been sitting in my mind for a little while now. I have re-written it many times and changed the title even more. I’ve even debated whether or not to hit publish on it. Th... Read More

Kicking off 2016

We are officially starting the first full week of January. How did that even happen? It feels like it was just yesterday that Ian and I were sitting at our favourite restaurant ringing in 2015, and no... Read More

Why Do I Sweat?

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I was recently approached by a company to write about what inspires and fuels my workouts, and to give insight into my fitness routine. At the same time, they contacted me, I found out about a contes... Read More