Candy Box September 2015

Candy Box is a monthly candy subscription box. The Mini Box is $20 and includes 7-12 items, and the Big box is $40 and includes 15-20 items. Both boxes include free shipping within Canada and the US. All candy in the boxes is a mix between hard, soft and chocolate. I had found a coupon on their Facebook page for $10 off, so I purchased the Mini Box for only $10. I had emailed them a week before it was time to ship to see if I could change that and upgrade to the large box, but unfortunately I never heard anything back from them.

First Look


I was a bit surprised when I first opened this box. I didn’t expect so many small items or for the box to have so much empty space. Perhaps I’m just spoiled by all the snack boxes that are always stuffed to the brim!

The Goods

Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut–I won’t be eating this. I love Dairy Milk chocolate, it’s creamy and delicious. I just take issue to fruit in chocolate. It’s usually got a bit of a weird texture and flavor. Unless it’s something like chocolate covered strawberries, that I’m all over!


Salted Nut Roll–This is a gluten free bar which I found interesting. These are made from Virginia peanuts, which are apparently larger and crunchier than others. I didn’t really notice it being any different than any other peanuts I’ve had. This bar was good, just a bit salty. The inside was some nougat which had a bit of a weird texture, but I stopped noticing after the first couple bites.


Pizza Gummi Candy–Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, I always love these little gummy meals!


Lifesavers Butter Rum–This is definitely a classic snack. I still remember making little trains out of these and other candies with my grandma at Christmas time! Anyway, I like Lifesavers and this is one of my preferred flavors.


BlackJack–These are a chewy candy. Think Starbursts, but chewier. They have a black licorice flavor, but unfortunately I couldn’t get more than just a little sample. I tried to eat one but couldn’t really get the paper peeled off. I basically would have had to eat each one right off the paper, which I did for the first one. It wasn’t worth that much effort for the rest though so into the garbage they went.


Maynards Wine Gums–I love the Maynards brand, but I’m not a fan of Wine Gums. They just don’t have a strong enough flavor for me, and the flavor they do have is weird. Maybe it’s too wine like? I don’t like wine so perhaps it all makes sense!


Wonka Shockers–I love Wonka, and I love Shockers. These are actually one of my go-to candies. They are found, fairly fat, and chewy. Oh, and sour. That’s definitely my favorite part. The blue ones are the best!


Airhead Bites–I’ve actually never seen these before so that’s neat! I’m a fan of the chewy Airhead strips, so I knew I would like these too. They were round and chewy and delicious! Berry flavored treats are also always a win for me.


Pop Rocks Green Apple–Can you go wrong with Pop Rocks? I think not! I like that they included a new flavor, I haven’t ever seen this kind before. It measured up to all other Pop Rocks with the delicious factor. I appreciate candy that has a very strong flavor, and this was definitely green apple!


Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles–These were small, round and covered in sugar. They were soft and also didn’t have the most distinct flavor. They were good, just not something that I would go out of my way to get.


BB Bats Taffy Sucker–These have actually been getting made since 1924! There are four flavors available and I received chocolate and vanilla. They were good, but very sticky. It was hard to get the taffy off my teeth, and the paper also stuck to the bottom part. The white one also really didn’t want to leave the stick!


Jelly Belly Sours

Jelly Belly Original

After berry, sour is my favorite flavor of candy, and yes, that is a flavor! Jelly Belly’s are another classic treat and these are delicious. There are so many different flavor types that you can get nowadays so I’m happy with receiving sour and original.

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty torn on this box. It has a number of old favorites and a bunch of new-to-me candy. I definitely feel that this was worth the $10 that I paid, but I’m not sure if I would have been happy paying $20 for this. I can get a lot more candy by going to Dollarama! I do like boxes that introduce me to some new treats though, which this one did.

Something that I was really happy to see was that all Canadian boxes were shipped from B.C. This really cuts down on the wait time, and you don’t have to deal with any potential customs issues.

This box was fun to try but not one I will get on a regular basis!