CallaLife June 2016

CallaLife Box is a newer Canadian subscription box. For $38 a month, plus $10 shipping, you will receive a box containing 5-8 items, most of which will be sourced from local Canadian artisans. Items range from health, beauty, well-being and lifestyle. Boxes ship between the 9th and 11th each month.

A neat fact about CallaLife Box is that a portion of each box sold gets donated to a charitable cause! How awesome is that? This quarter they are donating a portion to “I Can For Kids“. This is a Calgary based organization that seems to have been inspired/started by a 12 year old. There are a ton of school nutrition programs that help feed children during the school year, but what happens during the summer? This charity aims to end summer childhood hunger by raising money to go towards food packs. Just $5 can feed a child for a day.


The Goods

Callalife June

Biodegradable Paper Straws–This has 25 straws per bag and are made of biodegradable paper that could even be thrown into your compost. They are made with food safe paper and are FDA approved. The company that sells these is Greenmunch and they are located in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Their tagline is “sustainable entertaining with style.” If we actually had space to entertain, I’d totally buy a bunch of stuff from here. They have really cute glassware as well as compostable, recyclable and wooden items. I’m happy to have gotten straws though, they are totally practical and I’ll use one every day with my morning smoothie! Plus how summery do these look? Love!

Callalife June

True Citrus–You just need to add one packet of this to 250-500ml of water and you’re good to go! These are from Elua which is a Canadian company aiming to bring better water to Canadians. They have flavors, water bottles, water purification tabs and much more. We got a few packs of both grapefruit and lemon. 1 packet is equivalent to 1 wedge of each. There are zero calories and 0 sugars. I’m pretty excited about these. I love both flavors and sometimes it’s nice to have some flavored water! Love that these are natural and don’t have any (added) sugar.

Also included was a discount card for Key Lime, which is an athletic wear company out of Alberta. The coupon code gives you 20% off. I took a look and they have some cute stuff. I’m actually really in need of some more tank tops for working out, but the downside here is that shipping is $15. I just really don’t like spending that much on shipping and it really adds to the cost.

Callalife June

Bottle Bright–These tablets are from the same company as True Citrus above. These are a non-toxic cleaning tablet designed for water bottles, hydration packs, travel mugs, thermoses, jerry cans and more. A special formula bubbles away grime, mould, coffee stains, tea stains and drink mix odors. It’s chlorine free, safe to use and is certified by the Natural Products Association. I’m pretty excited about these. I have 7 water bottles that I use on a very regular basis. I only ever put water in them and haven’t had any issues with mould or stains, but from time to time I wouldn’t mind adding in a flavor packet. I never do though because I don’t want to stain the bottle, or make the flavor change when I use it in the future. Viola, problem solved.

Callalife June

Sacred Kiss Lip Balm–RDevine Skin Care provides holistic, sustainable and luxury skin care that is hand crafted in Canada. All items are plant based. This lip balm is formulated with organic ingredients that moisturize, nourish, regenerate cells, heal and soften. I can’t say this enough times, I never get tired of lip balm. I’m always using it and always losing them. Right now I’m using ones with sunscreen in them because of going outside frequently, but it won’t be long before this one is used too.

Sacred Earth Botanical Cleansing Clay & Mask–This is an exfoliationg facial cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin and absorbs excess oil and toxin. It helps smooth and brighten the skin, produce an even skin tone and minimize breakouts. It’s great for combination and oily skin, but also works for all other types. The clay is actually Moroccan Lava Clay which automatically makes it sound even more impressive. This is also the same brand as the lip balm, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m not always the best about washing my face but acknowledge that I need to get better. Especially with it being so warm outside and spending more time out with wind and dust and who knows what else! I drink a lot of water so my skin isn’t usually too bad, but I have noticed it getting more oily lately. Now I just have to remember to use this!

Callalife June

Three Farmers Roasted Chickpeas–These chickpeas are grown and made in Canada and are high in protein and fibre. They also contain iron, thiamine, manganese, phosphorus, copper and zinc and thanks to the use of camelina oil to bind the seasoning to the chickpeas, they contain omega-3 polyunsaturates. I actually just got a bad of these in another subscription box but haven’t eaten them yet. They were a maple flavor, which I wasn’t the most thrilled about. Lightly salted isn’t the most exciting flavor, but I like that it’s not overwhelming. I did open this bag and try these for the first time EVER so I’m pretty proud of myself right now. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about them, but that’s probably because they are just lightly salted. They definitely aren’t bad. I’ll probably see about getting a bag or two for when we are camping in a couple of weeks.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy this subscription and I liked this month. I like that it has a mix of beauty, home items and healthy snacks. I will use every single item that I received. I’m not going to be getting this box next month just because of budget reasons. Ian and I are going to be spending a couple of days in Calgary and then going camping. I usually do some shopping while I’m there and there are some added expenses with food etc. I’m going to miss the one month, but will definitely pick my subscription back up after that.

Now I just have to go to a store and find some more flavors of roasted chickpeas!