CallaLife Box May 2016

CallaLife Box is the newest Canadian subscription box on the market. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across their page. I couldn’t wait to order one and check it out! For $38 a month, plus $10 shipping, you will receive a box containing 5-8 items, most of which will be sourced from local Canadian artisans. Items range from health, beauty, well-being and lifestyle. Boxes ship between the 9th and 11th each month. You may be wondering how I already have this box when it’s only the start of May! Whitney (the owner) was nice enough to send me one a bit early so that I could get this review up before the boxes sell out!

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A neat fact about CallaLife Box is that a portion of each box sold gets donated to a charitable cause! How awesome is that? This quarter they are donating a portion to “I Can For Kids“. This is a Calgary based organization that seems to have been inspired/started by a 12 year old. There are a ton of school nutrition programs that help feed children during the school year, but what happens during the summer? This charity aims to end summer childhood hunger by raising money to go towards food packs. Just $5 can feed a child for a day.

I’m not sure how much from each box is being donated but I love that CallaLife does this!

First Look


One of the first things I noticed was the very non-descript box. It’s just a basic brown box with one sticker on the outside and one on the inside. This stands out when you’re used to subscription boxes coming in colorful and branded boxes. This is actually addressed on the FAQ page. They decided to focus on the contents of the box, and donate that money to charity rather than investing in a fancy box. As much as I like a fun box, I do give them kudos for this. A box is a box, and mine all end up in recycling. To have that money go to something more worthwhile is definitely okay with me.


I was a bit worried when I felt how light the box was, but there seemed to be quite a few items inside the box. I was instantly impressed to see an envelope with my name on it!


Inside was a cute card with this handwritten note inside. It’s definitely little details like this that makes a box stand out. I’m all about the personal touches!

There was no product card inside so I did some research and included the prices on the items I could find

The Goods


New Moon Tea Co ($6.00)–This is a company based out of Chilliwack, BC that grows and sources the finest and freshest organic ingredients. They have all sorts of tea that serves different purposes, this particular one is the feminine balance tea. It’s designed to help women balance their hormones which can relieve monthly suffering and aid in fertility. If you have it daily it will help harmonize the body and relieve stress on hormones. It helps with stress, bad periods, PCOS and other hormone related symptoms. This tea sounds great and it is something I expected to see in this box. Here is the issue. If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know that I don’t drink tea. I’m really not a fan of any hot beverages, though hot chocolate does serve it’s purpose every once in awhile. Normally all of my tea goes to Ian, but I’m thinking I should probably keep this one away from him. This is an item that will go into my gifting pile, I know a ton of women who love tea and this will definitely find a home!


Natura SoyLights ($9.00)–This company is from Okotoks, Alberta. All candles are individually hand-crafted using their exclusive blends of high quality soy wax and with scents inspired by nature. There is a ton of awesome information I could give you about the company, but I’m going to save myself some typing and tell you to go look at their “About Us” page. These tealights are in a plastic cup which allows the candle light to show through and it’s still cool enough to touch without burning any fingers. Each candle has a burn time of over 6 hours. There are 16 scents and I received Vanilla Fig. I’m not sure if everyone gets that scent, or if there is a variety, but I’m definitely happy with that. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents. Now, I’m generally not much of a candle person. We have some throughout our place, but we really don’t light them. These would be great for relaxing in the bathtub with, but since our plug in the tub doesn’t actually keep water from draining, I never take baths. Perhaps I will just have to push the husband to fix this so I can take a candle lit bath! These are definitely in the keep pile. The price on them does seem a bit high, but when you read about the company and consider the burn time, it’s really not that bad.


Postcards–I don’t know if this is from a Canadian company, I couldn’t really find much on them. I did find that you can buy a box of 100 of these for $20. The backs are just blank and don’t have the normal stamp and address section that most postcards do. I like that since I can use these as regular cards in gifts or for mailing rather than just a postcard. I’m sure I’ll use these at some point!


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts–These seem to be popping up in a ton of boxes lately! You can buy 12 of these packets for just under $18. This company is aptly named as they are based out of, you guessed it, Manitoba. They are the world’s largest hemp food manufacturer and they grow, make and sell all their own line. You can eat these straight from the package or add them to your salad, yogurt, smoothies and more. This is the third set I have received from boxes, and I still haven’t used any. I clearly need to get on that. I haven’t had anything that they would be good on yet, but I will eventually get back into my smoothie craze, at which time these will be used. I mean Ian did just win a Nutri-Bullet so I will need to put that to use!


Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Gummies ($11.00)–Nature’s Bounty isn’t necessarily a Canadian company, but they do have a Canadian division. They are one of the popular brands that you will find when you walk down your vitamin aisle. These are Cran-raspberry flavored gummies which are supposed to help prevent recurrent urinary tract infections in women and provide anti-oxidants for the maintenance of good health. I don’t have a huge issue with UTI’s so at first I was kind of disappointed to see such a specific item in this box. Anti-oxidants are good for everyone though and I might as well do what I can to avoid UTI’s! This isn’t something I would have thought to go out and buy for myself but that’s one reason I enjoy these boxes! Now I just have to remember to actually take these, and I’m hoping the raspberry flavor is stronger than the cranberry.


Wild Prairie Botanicals Blemish Balm ($6.00)–This is a Calgary, Alberta based company that sells hand-made, organic items. This blemish stick contains olive oil, calendula, tea tree, lavender, grapefruit, lemon, vegetable glycerin and beeswax. This can be used on cold sores, pimples, in-grown hairs and scars. I’m glad I read up on this before using it because I definitely thought this was a lip balm. I’m going to have to be careful to not accidentally reach for this! I’m pretty excited about this. I don’t really deal with blemishes too often (which I’m super grateful for), but they do happen and I’m excited to see how and if this helps.


Calendula Soothing Salve ($7.00)–This is the same brand as the blemish balm and contains organic calendula oil, organic calendula flowers, organic olive oil, beeswax, vegetable glycerin. This is a salve that you can use as a cuticle cream or hand moisturizer. Calendula is known for being an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-viral. You can also use it for burns, bug bites, new tattoos, diaper rash, razor burn, sores, athletes foot and more. It can appear shiny at first but the oil will absorb within minutes. I haven’t tried this yet, mostly just because I have nothing to use it on, but summer is coming and the time will come. I will have bug bites and sun burns, especially since Ian and I have some camping trips planned that will include a good amount of hiking. I’m also wanting to get another tattoo this year. I really might have to get more of this!


Paterson’s Cabin Forest flowers Face Moisturizer–This is a small business based near the Canadian Rockies. The business was started based on the need of gluten free cosmetic products. I couldn’t find this exact item online, but a hand cream of the same size was $15. I tried a bit on my arm and at first it felt a bit sticky and oily, but seemed to absorb fairly quick. It does have quite a strong flower scent though and I’m not sure how I feel about having that right on my face.

I didn’t take a picture but there was also a 15% off code for Inner Fire which is a Vancouver based yoga clothing company. They have some crazy pants and I’ve been wanting to try them for awhile. This might just give me the push to do so!

Final Thoughts

First, my thoughts on this company. I’ve been very impressed with Whitney. I had some email communication with her and she was extremely friendly. You can tell she has a real passion for this and I love seeing this drive in new small business owners. I get the impression that she really cares about living a healthy & happy life. I definitely recommend following them on Instagram as well. Not only are there contests, posts about products, box updates, but there is also a personal side to it. Whitney will post pictures from her day and include some inspiration along with them. I also really like that not only did she follow me back, but she also likes and comments on some of my pictures! Again, the little things can make such a huge difference.

Now, my thoughts on the box. I’m not going to lie, I felt pretty disappointed when I was going through and taking pictures. I wasn’t loving anything and didn’t feel wowed. As I took more time to look into the products and companies, I fell in love with it. These items are all either useful to me, or will make a good gift. I like that it’s practical items and I love the focus on Canadian companies. I can’t wait to see what is in future boxes, I will definitely be sticking around.

Based on that feeling, I think there would be value behind having a product information card. Even a short explanation about the item and where the company is based from would be great information. I also think it would be neat to hear why Whitney picked the items for the box. Just like with having a plain box, I can understand wanting to save that extra cost when it’s not a necessity. Another option there would be emailing out a special link where customers can go and learn more information about the items after boxes have been mailed out.

There are still some boxes left so you need to go sign up. You better act fast, time is running out! Instagram also tells me that “CALLA10” will get you 10% off!


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    Thanks for the post Andrea, once all the shipments have been sent out I will be emailing everyone with a product list. Just didn’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone just yet!

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