Little Box of Wonders 2015

*Update, this company is no longer in business*

Found in Wonderland (FiW) is an online women’s boutique based out of New York. This is a one woman show run by Leslie London Sisco, and her goal is to take you “down the rabbit hole” and bring you some unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. Each item is designed for the fashion forward, as well as the curious shopper.

You can visit FiW’s website to get a look at what’s available for purchase and do some shopping, or you can join the Facebook group. Facebook members get first dibs on items as well spoilers. There are a ton of cute items that get posted so it can definitely be a dangerous rabbit hole!

FiW has a seasonal accessory box known as the Little Box of Wonders. The cost is $104 with free shipping in the US and an additional $7 to Canada. Brands that are featured each season are chosen from a large community of independent artists, all of which make their items by hand. Each season items are picked based on trends as well as classic wearability. They will always be original, handmade items created by small businesses who follow ethical standards.


The theme for fall was “Handmade Boho” and I think that the theme was followed perfectly. At first glance you can definitely get a boho vibe from these pieces, but let’s take a closer look at what they are!

The Goods


Frankie & CoCo PDX Handmade Pouch ($64)–This bag is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. It’s approximently 8″ x 10″ and is very lightweight. It’s small enough to easily carry around, but still big enough to fit your phone (even my Note!) and anything else you may need. There were a few variations, and I really love this one. I like the variety of colors on the clutch, and the denim accents are awesome. This is definitely one that I will use! Each item had a couple of varieties available, and I think this was definitely one of my favorites.


C.Alexandria by Hand Necklace ($64)–This brass feather necklace is hand cut, stamped and patina finished. Each detail marking is done one stamp at a time which creates a 3D texture on the feather, and makes each one unique. The length of the necklace is 28″, and it doesn’t have a clasp, you just slip it over your head. Each C.Alexandria piece is made in a studio in Madison, WI. I’m not a huge fan of gold, but I love the brass look. I love pieces that have a bit of a vintage jewelry look. I do wish that the chain matched that a bit more because it looks like the chain is too new, but I still love it. It’s well made and is quite light, which I definitely want in a necklace.


Tiger Eye MoonChant Earrings ($14)–There were a few different variations of earrings, and I received the Tiger Eye ones. These have hypoallergenic surgical steel posts and backs. Tiger Eye is said to have a huge amount of healing benefits and different meanings including:

“Helps with self-discipline, practicality, protection, grounding, peacefulness, clarity, intelligence, intuition & psychic powers, new experiences, financial stability, calmness, releasing inhibitions, integrity, willpower, prosperity, personal power, and Kundalini. Healing usage: Heal wounds, bruises, colon, digestion, stomach problems, eyes, night vision, reduce pain, alcoholism, reproductive system. Tiger Eye is great for relieving scattered energies if you are feeling drained or uncertain. It keeps you grounded, encourages optimism and lifts your mood! It’s great for balancing on all levels and encourages you to open up to new experiences. It fosters confidence and ease in manifesting in the physical world, enhancing good luck and prosperity, often in the form of money. It enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and the correct use of power. Tiger Eye is also a very protective stone that is particularly grounding, especially during travel or activities. Tiger Eye boosts your Solar Plexus Chakra and your own personal power, enhancing your connection with your will. It helps you to gain insight into your own imbalances and to perceive and think more clearly. It can help you to see clearly without illusion, giving the blessing of clear sight and vision. Because of its grounding and centering properties, it assists in transmuting limitations and fear.”

That’s a lot for one pair of earrings to do! I’ve never been completely sure about jewelry that has benefits like this, it just seems weird to me that your body would absorb something from it and basically completely change your life. Skeptic as I am, I do like these earrings. I generally gravitate more towards bright colors and flashy styles, so I do like that these are a bit more basic. The brown will be really easy to match with a lot of different outfits, but they still have something special to them because of the irregular shape.


Rose Gonzales Bracelet–This is a handcrafted bracelet. Their jewelry line is handmade with crystals, metal, leather or charms. This is definitely more delicate than I usually go for. Normally I go for bigger and bolder items, but I am still drawn to this. I love the light purple coloring, and it will be nice for when I want something on my wrist, but don’t want it to say BAM! It’s well made and I love that it’s adjustable.


The theme for the winter Box of Wonders is “Holiday Luxe”. There will be only 50 boxes this season, and they are currently available through the Facebook page. Closer to the end of the month the remaining boxes will move over to the website and they will all ship out before December 1st. You can see full spoilers on the Facebook group (I can’t give you all the information!) but the inspiration was Audrey Hepburn in the Swiss Alps, as seen in the pictures below. If you’re a warm weather girl, don’t worry. Leslie did take that into consideration and has some options available for you as well.

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Final Thoughts

Found in Wonderland and owner Leslie have definitely been impressing me. While I haven’t been able to buy nearly as much as I would like (seriously, why can’t we just win the lottery already?), there are definitely a ton of cute items. Whether you like items that are a bit more “out there” or prefer more basic or classic items, there is something for everyone. The customer service is great as Leslie always keeps everyone updated on when items are expected to ship, if there is an issue with any items or shipments, as well as when items are coming in. She’s quick to respond to any questions you may have on size or fit of items. She’s been doing everything right and I highly recommend joining her Facebook group and checking out her website!

She also has done great at putting these boxes together. The items fit in perfectly with the given theme and all feel like great quality. I look forward to seeing future boxes!