Bocandy December 2016

Bocandy is a monthly subscription box featuring different International candy. They have a Big Snack Box ($20), Asian Candy Subscription Box ($20), Starter Box ($9.99) and a Craft Beef Jerky Box ($30).


A few months ago they had a deal for their Starter Box so I thought that it would be a great opportunity to check this company out! There is no product card, but I had gotten an email that I could scan a barcode to see what was in my box. There was no barcode in my box so bear with me with these product descriptions! It does also say that you can check out a website if your barcode isn’t working, but I can’t find any of these items on that site.

The Goods


Miguelito Paleta Ruleta–This is a Mexican lollipop. I’m not sure what flavor this is, but I did find a different variation that is a Hot Chili flavor. Not going to lie, that has me slightly afraid of what this one could be.

Kras Lizli Milk Chocolate Lollipop–This seems to be from Croatia, and the packaging that these are sent in have various cute animals on it. Can’t really go wrong with milk chocolate!

Kras Tortica Original–Since this is also Kras I’m going to assume it’s from Croatia as well. The crispy wafers are filled with 52% of chocolate cream and coated with 28% chocolate.


Fujiya Look–This is a Japanese chocolate. It has a rich milky cream filling surrounded by milk chocolate. It sounds like this  is a high quality choocolate brand so I’m excited to try it out!

Ferrero Duplo Chocnut–Ferrero is a familiar brand to me, I think it might be of German origin? The website looks German at least! I only know German enough to recognize it written, not to actually read it. I’m guessing this is chocolate with some kind of nut inside of it though. German’s do make good chocolate so this should be a good bar!

Dobrogea Eugenia–According to the packaging this one is from Romania. It’s a tender and crispy biscuit with cocoa and rum cream. That was according to Google translate, so take that description with a grain of salt!


Kras Dorina Mlijecna–We see this brand again! This chocolate is supposed to combine century old traditions of craftsmanship and modern trends. From the packaging I think it’s safe to assume that this is milk chocolate!

Pulparin Dots–Another Mexican candy! The yellow package is a combination of tamarind fruit, and has light notes of chili powder and salt. I can’t find anything on the green package, but I’m guessing that it’s watermelon flavored.

Final Thoughts

I ordered this Starter Box on Black Friday deal and it shipped mid-December and I just received it now. It took a full MONTH to get to me. I’ve never had a package take that long to get to me. For this reason alone, I would not continue my subscription to this box. Customers in the US wouldn’t have nearly the same wait time, but it’s something for International customers to keep in mind.

That issue aside, I did enjoy this box. I was disappointed when I saw how small the box was, but it actually had quite a few snacks inside. I do wish there was an easier way to see what was included in the box and find out more about the origins of the items though.

All in all, this was a fun experience but I’d probably stick to other snack boxes just due to the wait time.