Birchbox October 2015

Birchbox (referral link) is a monthly subscription box that sends you five personalized beauty items from hair, skincare, make up and Birchbox exclusives. The cost is $10 a month plus $4.95 shipping to Canada. You can fill out a style profile that will help them decide which variety of products they will send to you. You can buy full sized products through the Birchbox store and you can earn points towards purchases as well. After the 10th of each month you are able to go onto your account and view your box should you desire.

The Box

Once again, they do not disappoint with the box design. This pink marble look is awesome. It’s got a clean, classic look.

The theme this month is “Positive Force”. Birchbox knows the power beauty has to change your mood, inspire confidence, and just plainly make you happy. This month they filled the box with products that are fun for Fall. They have also partnered with Look Good, Feel Better Foundation, which helps Canadian women with cancer look beautiful and feel confident. They finish off by saying “Here’s to a joyful Thanksgiving and a great start to the season!”.

First, I want to say that I’m happy to see that they went with a pink box for Breast Cancer Awareness month, that they have partnered with a Canadian company, and that they acknowledged Thanksgiving. It often seems that American companies come to Canada, but don’t really support Canadian companies or acknowledge our holidays. This is one thing that sets Birchbox apart from some of the others!

The Goods


Eyeko Black Magic Mascara–This mascara is water resistant and it curls your lashes, adds volume and has major staying power. It also has a shield, which is a unique guitar-pick shaped tool that helps prevent smudging. It’s paraben-free and infused with keratin and shea butter. It strengthens and conditions the lashes so they don’t break as often. Yay, mascara, I can always use more of that. Okay, I think the sarcasm is out of my system now. I’ve received this brand in some box before, and I’m pretty sure it’s still never been opened.


12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment–Our hair gets it strength and shine from a combination of natural proteins and lipids. It loses those compounds with too much chemical processing or heat styling. This leave-in conditioner helps dry hair in a multitude of ways. It seals color, smooths, repairs, improves texture and manageability, prevents split ends, moisturizes, strengthens, protects from chlorine, wind and sun, prevents flat iron damage, adds shine and softness, protects from blow drying and has an anit-age formula. Wow. That’s a lot of benefits! I don’t dye my hair, but I do blow dry it and straighten it so I like products that help protect from that. I’m still trying to find the right amount to use, I find that my hair gets a bit crunchy in some areas with this, but I probably just need less. It does make the rest of my hair feel soft though!


Harvey Prince Hello Shampoo–This is a restorative, hydrating shampoo. It has citrus and floral scents that helps to energize you, and the eco-friendly formula keeps your hair glossy and vibrant. It has an organic blend of natural oils to moisturize the scalp and promote hair growth and add shine. The restorative proteins repair dry, damaged hair and the botanical extracts removes impurities to leave your hair clean and revitalized. I always get frustrated when I receive shampoo, but not conditioner. You just can’t have one without the other. I’m also not loving the scent, it’s just too much floral. This has gone into my sample drawer and it might get used eventually if I go on a trip and want to bring along this size.


derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask– This 2-in-1 mask exfoliates, detoxifies and purges pores. Natural clays, apricot seed powder and other nutrient-rich ingredients leave you with glowing, whistle-clean skin after just five minutes. You just apply to your face, leave for five minutes or until dry. You then moisten it and massage to activate the exfoliants. Just rinse, and you’re done! I LOVE charcoal/clay masks. My face felt really nice and exfoliated after using this. My only complaint would be that you need quite a bit to cover your face.


Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris–This is a playful, yet sophisticated oriental fragrance that’s mixed with fruits (Italian Mandarin, ruby red grapefruit, Nashi Pear) as well as sweet jasmine and fresh gardenia. It rounds out with hints of amber and musk, leaving behind a blend that captures a flirty but refined mood. When it rains, it pours. Mascara and a fragrance in the same box. Just like all the other fragrances I get sent, I don’t like it.

Final Thoughts

Definitely not the greatest box. I like the box design, and I’m quite happy with the hair treatment spray and the mask. That’s really the only good parts of this box. Two items are products I loathe and one doesn’t make sense without conditioner.

Now for something exciting. They are soon going to be adding more features for Canadians! They say that there are plenty of good things coming this fall, including Sample Choice! The US has this already, and it allows them to select a sample from a few different options. This month they were able to pick out of a few different brands of mascara. This wouldn’t have helped me not receive, but I could pick a brand that I know I could gift at least. I look forward to seeing what else they bring us!