Birchbox February 2016

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that sends you five personalized beauty items from hair, skincare, make up and Birchbox exclusives. I’m sad to report that this will be my final Birchbox review! At the start of February they made the announcement via their Facebook page that they were putting a hold on their Canadian subscription service, citing the poor exchange rate and high shipping costs as the reason. I can definitely understand where they are coming from with that but I will miss this subscription. It may be for the best though, I’m starting to be overloaded on these fancy boxes!

First Look


I feel fairly neutral towards this box. I think that it was a good pick for a February box but I do wish they had done something a bit more exciting for their final box.

The Goods


Naobay HydraPlus Cream–This face cream is designed to boost moisture levels in your skin. It has sage extract, olive oil, aloe vera, marshmallow and chamomile that delivers a deep hydration providing all day protection against external aggressors. This goes on nice but I wouldn’t say that I noticed or felt anything different than any other cream that I have.


Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm–Arrow is a new Birchbox brand, introduced just in time for them to close up Canadian operations. It’s fomulated to adjust to your unique pH and enhances each wearer’s natural lip color to create the perfect color for you. It contains ingredients like mango seed butter which hydrate and protect your lips. It’s also vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free and gluten-free. I would have liked to try more from this brand. I really like how it went on and it was definitely moisturizing on the lips. I didn’t notice much of a color, but I’d say that’s a positive thing!


Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment–This hair mask repairs dry, damaged hair and makes it up to 20 times stronger. The special molecule, OFPMA, smooths and coats the hair shaft which helps it retain moisture and resist future damage. It’s free of sulfates, silicones and oils. It’s also safe for colored hair. Since my hair is currently purple I’m pretty happy to see that this is safe to use on colored hair. You just wash your hair and then apply this to damp hair. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse. This is one of those products I always struggle to use. The chances of me showering, getting out of the shower to dry my hair until it’s damp, putting this in and then rinsing it out is extremely slim. That’s just too much time and work for a shower.


CLEAN Rain Eau de Parfume–Why does it not surprise me that my last ever Birchbox contains a fragrance?


Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster–This is a vitamin C face treatment. It has a light formula that visibly brightens skin in a matter of weeks. It fades dark spots and wrinkles caused by anything from acne to sun exposure. It also promotes plumper, younger-looking skin. This is a really small sample, the bottom actually probably goes up to the lighter strip on the box. There is no way to get a good idea if this actually works.

Final Thoughts

I definitely have mixed feelings about Birchbox closing up shop in Canada. I’m well stocked on many of my products so this will give me time to go through them. Once I have managed to do that I may look into starting back up on a make up/beauty sub. I would have liked to see a bonus item in this final box or a mention on the product card about it being farewell, it just doesn’t seem very final right now. I did enjoy my time with them though and I got a lot of great products. This also frees up some of my budget to try another subscription service! I’ve done a bit of an overhaul from last year and I’ve got a lot of great ones coming up. Bonus? They are all based in Canada!