Between Friends Boutique

Recently you may remember hearing me talk about buying 20 dresses for $100. Well, good news, that post is finally here!

Between Friends Boutique is a group on Facebook ran by Kim. Kim offers brand name clothing and shoes with little or no issues up to 60%-75% off of retail. Some of the items may have a missing belt, or missing buttons but most are in great condition.

A while ago she offered a deal where you could get 20 dresses for only $100. I was iffy on purchasing that amount of dresses but the other option was 5 dresses for $50. It seemed much more economical to me to purchase the 20!

She isn’t always able to offer that great of a discount but continuously has amazing items for a great price. If you want to get some new items for cheap I definitely recommend joining the group. She also offers to do trunk shows if anyone is ever interested, I know some people that went to one awhile ago and had a great time looking at clothing and shoes.

Now, onto the dresses! As I expected, not all worked out for me but I’m sure I will be able to find new homes for those items without a problem.


Brand: Monteau

I love this dress. I saw some other people receiving it and I was REALLY hoping that it would end up in my pile. I love how this fits and it’s incredibly comfortable.


Brand: Bea & Dot

I didn’t do much styling with the outfits but this dress was just screaming for some country accessories! It’s not a dress that I will wear very often, but any time I am feeling the country vibe it will be the first dress I pick up.


Brand: Ya Los Angeles

This dress is navy and the white polka dots have red dots right in the middle. I like the extra detail with the tie around the neck. It’s a bit of a thin fabric and doesn’t have any lining so I definitely need to be careful what I wear with this.

andrea blue

Brand: Ya Los Angeles

Love. So much love. The top back of this dress is completely sheer and there is no lining so the lacey area is completely see through. This is another dress that I need to be a bit careful with. I think pairing it with a pink bralette that I have will be really nice. Pink and blue are great together, and it will look better then if I was to wear it with just a normal bra.

andrea burgandy dress

Brand: O’-Sher

I like this dress, but at the same time I’m unsure about it. It’s definitely short so I would probably wear a pair of leggings with it. I like the vintage look to it, but at the same time it feels a bit young. I’m going to be keeping it, and I’m sure I will more than likely end up wearing it!

andrea greenish

Brand: Celine

I have a love hate relationship with this dress. I love how it gathers on the one side, and it’s a beautiful green color. At this point it’s a bit snug and so I wouldn’t wear it out in public yet, but I’m in the works of changing that so I will be holding on to this one.

andrea lighth blue dress

Unfortunately I can’t recall the brand of this one at this time. It’s a really nice blue color and super soft. Unfortunately, I won’t be keeping this dress. Maxi dresses rarely work for me because they are usually just too long. Unless a dress has adjustable straps, it’s a no go for me.

andrea pocket dress

Brand: Dear Creatures

What is there to say about this dress? Red. Pockets. Comfortable. Cute. Those four words basically sum up my feelings.

andrea purple dress with pockets

Brand: Sunny Girl

I liked this one when I first saw it, but I loved it after trying it on! It has pockets as well, which is always a bonus. It was a bit snug at this time, but again, that’s fixable. I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear the crap out of this dress when it fits better!

andrea turquis

Brand: Kensie

I’m a huge fan of this brand and have purchased a number of items from this brand in the past. This is a beautiful dress and fits great. I also have a purse that is the same color and has the lace on it! Not sure if I would ever wear them together but I’ll likely look into the idea.

andrea ziggy zaggy

Brand: Fervour

This is another great dress. It looks as though it’s red but it’s actually a really bright orange. I love the mix of colors and the style of this dress.


Brand: Poema

This dress was really cute, but unfortunately the picture really didn’t turn out. It was definitely a bit snug but I will be keeping it and definitely wearing it. The lace on the bottom is a super cute addition.


Brand: Corey Lynn

This is a really pretty dress. It has a deep v in the back and connects behind the neck with two buttons. I wanted to love this dress but it made my hips look wider and was WAY too long on me.


Brand: Diva Catwalk

I really like the skirt of this dress but it just isn’t happening for me.


Brand: Collectif

I really like the concept of this dress. It’s a UK size 14 though and is too small for me. If it fit, I would definitely wear this.


Brand: Synergy

I’m really not a fan of this dress. It’s not the greatest color on me and the style of it looks older, and for someone much younger than me. I didn’t even try it on because I could tell just from looking at it that it would be much too small.


Brand: Esley

Love this dress. I like the mix of colors on the top and the lace on the bottom part is adorable. Unfortunately I couldn’t even pull the bottom part down over my hips. I’ve had experience with Esley before and find the to always be a hit or miss for fit, just always depends on the style.


Brand: Mystic

This navy dress is so pretty. It’s very bodycon though and will not fit me. This dress would be amazingly flattering on someone who was smaller.



Brand: Sunny Girl

I’m fairly disappointed that this dress was too small. This dress is amazing quality and has a nice heavy feel to it but is also a bit silky feeling. The colors are beautiful and the fit would be gorgeous.

Considering the fact that these 20 dresses were a complete surprise, I’m thrilled with the results. A little over half of them worked out, and the rest will find some new homes. A few of them have already had dibs put on them and I have multiple outlets that I can use to unload the rest.

If you’re looking for some cute clothes for a great deal, definitely request to join her Facebook group. She is regularly posting new items and offers all sizes, including plus size items.

  • My gosh you are ADORABLE. I really like the blue lace one, but they’re all so unique!

    • Thank you! :). I was really happy with the variety of colors and styles that I received. The lace one is probably one of my favorites too! I’m sad that I’ll probably have to wait until summer to wear it, it’s definitely not good for this weather!