Beauty Box 5 May 2015

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends you a combination of makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, and nail products. Some products are deluxe sized samples and some are full size. The cost is $12 a month, plus $3 shipping to Canada.

This box showed up at a decent time this month again, and I’m really hoping that this trend continues! With my first look, nothing jumped out as overly interesting to me. Not fun colors or interesting packaging to take note of.

May’s theme is “S.O.S”. Their S.O.S. isn’t a signal for distress, it stands for “Super Outstanding Skin” which is what their focus is for the month. Give May a 1-2 punch with items that will save your complexion, aid with quick make-up fixes, pops of color, and major moisture.

The Goods


Bio Swiss Stainless Steel Mini Tweezer–Sharp and precise, these tweezers are easy to throw into your purse along with the handy travel tube, which also prevents dirt and dulling. This is actually pretty handy. I used to have a manicure set in my purse, really couldn’t tell you where that ended up. I don’t generally pluck my eyelashes on the go (granted I don’t do it at home either, one benefit of always wearing glasses), but let’s face it, tweezers are handy. What if I suddenly get a sliver? These aren’t the best quality, but they will do, especially for how rarely I will probably use them.


Ahava 3 sample pack–You can treat your complexion with active deadsea minerals for some radiant results. This included a purifying mud mask, mineral hand cream, and moisturizer. These are very small packets, you would definitely only get one use out of each one. I used the lotion on my legs and it had a very strong lotion scent. It took some time to rub it all in and my hands felt a bit sticky afterwards. My legs did feel quite soft and smooth after the lotion soaked in. I haven’t had a chance to try the other two, but I expect to have a similar opinion.

IMG_0186 IMG_0187

Styli-Style Blush/Highlighter Stick–This packs a punch of pigment and shimmer for your cheeks and are buildable for your own custom coverage. This is a decent color for me in winter, but I don’t think it will work once I get a bit of sun. I might play around with a few other shades and see if I can get something to work. This is easy to apply and blend which is a bonus.


Dermalogica AgeSmart Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment–This is a thick, nourishing cream that heals dry hands and cuticles for some extra TLC. I might actually use this on my feet. I often wear sandals when it’s this nice out, and my feet get SUPER dry because of that. If this is as good as it claims to be, this should really help. I did test it out on my hands, and while I didn’t see any immediate benefits to my hands or nails, it absorbed easily, and I was left with soft feeling hands. It seems to do the trick! I’m sure with regular use you would see big changes with dry skin.


Coastal Scents Classic/Synthetic Brush–There were assorted brushes that you could receive, and I couldn’t tell you which purpose this one serves compared to others. I feel like I’m on brush overload, especially when I think about how many I have compared to how many I use. I feel like I really don’t need to keep this one!

Final Thoughts

I’m starting to feel that May just wasn’t a good month for me and boxes. I was happy with Ipsy, but this and Birchbox were just not anything special. There are at least a few products in here that I will use, so it’s not a complete disappointment. They did do a good job of following their S.O.S theme as all of these items can definitely aid your skin, and give you quick make-up fixes. So that’s one thing they did right! Unfortunately, they aren’t just the best items for me personally.