Beauty Box 5 March 2015

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends you a combination of makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, and nail products. Some products are deluxe sized samples and some are full size. The cost is $12 a month, plus $3 shipping to Canada.

First Look

I ended up renewing my BB5 subscription on a monthly basis. I’ve enjoyed the items I have received and so I figured I might as well keep getting it for the time being.

March’s theme was “hustle” because getting ready doesn’t have to add stress, just prep your skin and gloss on, because even if you’re working hard to get where you want to be, you’re the boss of your makeup bag.

The Goods


Eslor Introductory Collection–This line is paraben free and pampers and hydrates your face without stripping away natural oils. There are four little packs that each serve a purpose. Soothing refiner and cleanser, botanical peeling gel, chlorophyll lifting mask and a firming collagen day cream. My packet was unfortunately missing the chlorophyll lifting mask for some reason. I contacted the company regarding it, and had a response within two days. They are sending me a new packet. I know it will take a bit to get her since it’s coming from the States, but I appreciated their quick response and that they instantly made it right.


Elite Therapeutics Rosemary Eucalptus Body Cream–This lotion is never greasy and replenishes your skin with an organic blend of oils and healing Aloe Vera. I generally like lotions with Aloe Vera and this is no exception. This is probably one of the least greasy lotions I’ve used. Even while applying the lotion and rubbing it into my skin, it didn’t feel wet or greasy at any point. The smell is fresh, but I think would be overpowering if used in too much quantity at one time.


Scandalous by Nanacoco Thickening Mascara–This mascara delivers “va-va-voom” volume with a flexible silicon ball brush that gets up close and personal. Mascara. Enough said. I’m sure most of you know how I feel about receiving so many of them. Seriously, who goes through that many mascaras??


Laugh Out Loud Nanacoco–Sweet smell, pretty pigments, and a non-sticky formula, this brand has it all. This is the same brand as the mascara above, and I’ve actually had things from it in the past and have been a fan. This is a really nice pink color, shows up as a subtle pink with a bit of shine, and has a candy scent to it. I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what kind as it’s not an overly strong scent, but it is very nice. They are also right about it being non-sticky. Often times I don’t want to drink anything for awhile after applying a gloss because of it getting on the cup or water bottle but I wasn’t worried about it with this one. Granted it definitely left a nice pink mark on the mouth piece of my water bottle.


Ofra Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Liner–The information sheet says this is an eyebrow liner, but the product just says eyeliner. This is a mechanical pencil style, which is nice as I hate ones that need to be sharpened. It’s a brown glitter and I think I’ll actually use this one. When I saw eyebrow I was instantly turned off because I definitely don’t need any help there. As a liner though, it’s a great color and goes on easy.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad that I renewed my subscription because I’m very happy with this box. Three of the products are full sized, and out of the 5 there is only one that I won’t use. Customer service is also a huge thing for me, and will be a huge determent in whether or not I continue to give a company my money. I was very happy with the response I received regarding my missing packet, and so I give them a bonus point this time around!