Beauty Box 5 June 2015

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends you a combination of makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, and nail products. Some products are deluxe sized samples and some are full size. The cost is $12 a month, plus $3 shipping to Canada.

June’s theme was “Bon Voyage.” They say that no matter where you’re going this month, you need to make a statement with your eyes, nails and complexion that won’t be forgotten. The included some of their favorite brands from near and far in this box. I was curious to dig in and see what everything was!

The Goods


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara–This luxe brush and creamy formula pack in pigment and volume. Mascara. Yup. I’m not going to say anything more than that. I’ve already given this to my mom for her trip to Europe so at least it will be getting used.


Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water–This is an on-the-go hydrator that leaves your face feeling fresh. This is definitely just a one time use sample. It’s nice that they included a coupon, except for that fact that it’s only valid in the U.S. I think it’s pretty bad that they included this as an item. BB5 has been stepping up their game, but not in this case. They could have at least included a travel sized bottle! The sample was just a tiny piece of wet cloth with the product on it. I really couldn’t tell you if it did anything.


Herbal Essences Body Wash–This body was is made with honey extract. I guess I won’t be having to buy body wash with all the samples I’m getting in June. I feel like I’ve gotten to many samples of shampoo/conditioner in boxes, I guess they have decided to switch to body wash? I’m a fan of Herbal Essences, and used to use their shampoo and conditioner all the time. That being said, kind of disappointing to receive such a common item in the box.


LOL Rotational Eye Shadow–This is from a French and Australian line. Finally, something to be happy over! This is a full sized product, and I LOVE the colors. I don’t think I actually have a palette that has shades of purple, so I’m really excited for this. It’s a great color on me and I’ll definitely get use out of it.


Nails Inc. Nail Polish–This is from a UK based brand and it offers high-quality coverage and staying power. This is another full size product. While I am on a bit of a nail polish overload, I am really happy with this color since I don’t think I have any orange. It’s one that I will definitely get use out of, well, if I get better at actually painting my nails!


They also included a $20 off $50 purchase for Gorge. Looks like they have all hair products, but I’m not even going to look at if they ship to Canada, or what shipping costs. I already know it’s not going to be worth it!

Final Thoughts

I have better thoughts about this box than my other two boxes from June, but that’s just because of two items. The mascara is a throwaway item, and the tiny sample isn’t even worth talking about. The body wash will be used, but again, it’s just not exciting, plus it’s my second one this month. The eye shadow and nail polish make it completely worth it to me though. I do hope they step their game up again though. I enjoyed all the new brands I learned about in the last few boxes, and hope this isn’t a sign of the end of that.