Bakers Krate August 2015

I get more and more excited every time I find out about a new Canadian subscription box. I was double excited when I found out about Bakers Krate! This new monthly subscription box features 6 or more hand crafted, baked goods produced right in Canada!

*I received this box free for review purposes, but all opinions are my own. 

They have three different types of subscriptions.

Bakers Krate Sweet Express: You receive 6 or more items for $19.99. This box is delivered Canada wide, with a flat rate cost of $9.99.

Original Bakers Krate: You receive 6 or more items for $19.98. This box is only available in Winnipeg and includes free hand delivery.

Bakers Krate Jr.: You receive 6 mini items for $15.99 This is another option that is only available in Winnipeg, and also includes free hand delivery.

Your monthly subscription will renew every month, but you can cancel or skip at anytime.

Something important to note is that they cannot accommodate for allergies. All items may contain nuts, wheat, soy, and dairy.

First Look

I was really worried about what condition these baked goods would be in when I got the box. I know that Canada Post isn’t always the most gentle with their boxes, and I was sure it would have been turned all directions at some point. I was pleased to see that Bakers Krate had put a fragile sticker on the box, hopefully that helped them be a bit more careful!


The very first thing I noticed when I opened the box was a little wooden fork! How neat is that? It’s a small addition, but really adds something to the experience! The top was also covered with a foil type of thing, I’m guessing to help keep the heat out of the box a bit. This won’t be an issue soon (though they may have to include some heat packs!) but right now it’s a very nice addition!


As I took that layer off, I was once again impressed! There was a cardboard divider separating the treats into four separate sections. This helped keep them from moving around too much, and there was crinkle paper to help cushion them. Upon first look, everything seemed to be in tact! I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what everything was!


They included a a product list detailing what each item is, where it came from, and the best before date. Along with that was also an ingredient list for every item.

The Goods


Raspberry Imperial Cookie–Two shortbread sugar cookies sandwiched with raspberry jam and iced with royal icing.

Saskatoon Imperial Cookie–Two layers of shortbread sugar cookies sandwiched with Saskatoon jam and iced with royal icing.

Both of these come from Cake-ology which is located in Winnipeg. Oh. My. Goodness. I want more. These were both really good. I love shortbread so I was pretty happy to see these two cookies. I was a bit iffy about trying them at first because generally speaking I am a strawberry jam kind of girl. In fact, I don’t recall a single time that I have ever gone outside of that. The jam in both cookies was really quite subtle though. I also like that they weren’t so overloaded that the jam oozed out from between the cookies. The only mess made was from the crumbs! The icing was also really good, and everything tasted fresh. Plus, I live in Saskatoon, so the one cookie was just meant to be.


Chocolate Brownie Square–A soft brownie cake layer, generously coated with a layer of decadent milk chocolate.

On the information sheet they stated that due to the weather this may arrive slightly melted or moist. I feel like including that note takes away any annoyance I would have had about my brownie being melted, not that it was. It was a bit squished, but more from being wrapped in Saran Wrap. At least, that’s how it looked. They weren’t kidding when they said this was  generously coated, that was a thick layer of topping! I was actually worried about just how sweet this brownie would be, but it wasn’t overly. It was the perfect level of decadent!


Blueberry Crumble–A juicy blueberry layer covered with a soft, crumbly topping. Warm it in the microwave for 20 seconds, and it will be like enjoying a fresh baked blueberry pie right out of the oven!

Both the brownie and Blueberry Crumble were from Goodies Bake Shop in Winnipeg. I didn’t get to eat this one. After I ate the brownie and was trying to decide what to eat next, Ian asked if he got to try anything. Obviously I had to give him something! He warmed it up just like they suggested. He said it was really good, it tasted fresh and the flavor was awesome.


Vanilla Cakette–A soft vanilla cake inside, coated with white chocolate. A little drop of cake with loads of flavor!

Red Velvet Cakette–You don’t need to eat a whole red velvet cake. A drop of moist red velvet cake covered with white chocolate.

Both of these were from Cake-ology, same as the cookies.  The white chocolate layer was solid and the inside was soft and delicious. Hands down, this Red Velvet Cakette was my favorite thing in the box. I love the size of them too, it’s really nice for a delicious portion controlled snack. Assuming you can control your portions. I ate both at once, so maybe not so much.

Final Thoughts


I’m going to start by saying that I’m impressed. These were some delicious treats and it was fun to get this in the mail!

Everything tasted really fresh, which is another thing I was worried about. The issue though, I got home on Monday (August 17th) to a parcel card. I wasn’t able to go until the 18th after work to pick the parcel up. There are “best before” dates listed on the information card (which I really appreciate that they included) and two of the items had a date of August 19th, with the other four being August 21st. The 21st definitely gives me enough time to enjoy the item, but the 19th was pushing it a bit. If I had bought the box to stretch the items out a bit more, or if I lived further from Winnipeg, they might have been expired by the time I got the box.

I do wish that there was more of a variety. I appreciate that they didn’t duplicate any flavors, but the items are easily grouped into three sets, cookies, square and cakette. Based on their website I also expected to see items from outside of Winnipeg, though I’m not sure how fresh they would be if they had to go to Winnipeg first.

Now for the biggest issue I have with this box. I’m OBSESSED with the Red Velvet Cakette. As in, I need more. Now. First person who can send me a box with be my favorite person of the month! Seriously though. I think it would be neat to eventually see them partner with bakeries to open up a “shop” feature on their website. That way I could purchase a box of just those!

This isn’t a box where you’re getting a huge value. At $30.00 after shipping, you’re looking at $5.00 an item. While I wouldn’t normally pay that much for snacks, I would definitely subscribe to this box. Probably not monthly, but definitely when I feel like treating myself to something special! This is also a great option for gifts or if you want to send someone a little pick-me-up. Everything was fresh, and it came really quick. It’s so great to be able to support Canadian companies!

  • The Nickel Nook

    Wow!! They all look super yummy! By appearance I think the cookies would be my favorite! So fun to hear about a box like this! 🙂