August Update & September Goals

Rather than a yearly bucket list or New Years resolutions, I decided to pick one word to represent 2017 and set up mini goals for each month to help me reach my ultimate goals. The word I chose is STRIVE, and you can find out more behind my reasoning by reading this post.


August was a pretty crazy month, which I was expecting. For the first week we lived with a friend while we finished up all the cleaning and patching at our condo. We then moved into our new house on August 7th, which gave us a ton of work to do. Thankfully, it was move-in ready. We do have some things we will update and fix/change over time, but nothing was immediately needed. We got the main floor (living room & kitchen) set out pretty quickly, which seemed to make the biggest difference. There is still a lot to organize and situate, but the unpacking is “done” in the sense that all boxes are opened. I’m sure some house posts will be coming in the future, with some of my thoughts/feelings and some DIY/organizational tips!

Aside from the busyness of moving, there were also a few other things to highlight:

  • Rappelled down a 280 foot tall building
  • Ran a 5k in 35 minutes, two minutes faster than my previous PB
  • Bought a bike
  • Saw Brad Paisley in concert and I was in the standing area right at the stage!
  • Took a week off work

Now, onto my goals!

I will strive…to be healthy 

  • Join a new gym – NO. It feels weird to not have had a gym membership for the first time in over three years. I want to get back into my workout routine for September though, so the clocks a-tickin’!
  • Workout 5 times – NO.  I wish I could say yes to this, but as stated above, I didn’t end up joining a gym. I did run three times though, one of which being the 5k, which I killed!
  • Bike to work 5 times – NO. I bought a bike, but not until there were only four work days left of August. Talk about setting myself up for failure! I did bike two of those four days though. I would have done more, but we were under a smoke advisory from the fires in Northern Saskatchewan. I noticed my throat and eyes being sore & dry from that, so I opted to drive.
  • Meal plan – NO. I really didn’t, I would decide the day before what I would make for supper the next day. This whole month has just been a weird break from routine.
  • Eat minimal junkYES. I still ate junk. I even made cookies on my week of holidays for the sole purpose of cookie dough. I have no regrets with that. I was still mindful of what I ate though, and overall I am very happy with the progress I have made with my food intake.

I will spend less

  • Spend less than August of 2016 ($989.76) – NO. $1344.31. I knew that I was going to fail hard at this in August. Some was house items, some was just frivolous spending.

I will experience more

  • Try something newYES. Rappelling down a building and being right in front at a concert with both something new for me!
  • Have an adventureYES. I would definitely consider my experience rappelling to be an adventure! Does it count if I used that in the above point too? I say it does!
  • UnpackYES. As I said above, unpacking is basically done. It’s just finding a spot for everything and getting organized. That’s definitely the more time consuming part!
  • Relax on my week offYES. I took my last week of holidays in August. I knew that I wanted to focus on unpacking, but I also wanted to relax a bit. I think I found a good balance between the two. I got quite a bit done, but also went on a couple of runs, and started to re-watch 90210. It was a guilty pleasure show back when it first aired and it’s been fun to see it again.

I will grow my blog

  • I knew August was going to be crazy so I did not set any new goals for this area.


September *should* be significantly quieter. There are some fun things going on around Saskatoon so I am hoping to attend those, and enjoy the final (guaranteed) month of nice weather. I definitely expect this month to be more successful than August was!

I will strive…to be healthy 

  • Meal plan for five days a week – I don’t like to plan out weekend meals, but I need to get back on the horse for meal planning week days.
  • Bike to work a majority of September – I have 19 work days, so I have to bike at least 10.
  • Join a gym and work out at least 10 times – This number does not include biking to work. I hope to workout more days, but I’m giving myself some grace.
  • Lose weight and/or inches – I’ve been having some pretty good success without working out, I’m hopeful for what can happen when I get back to the gym.

I will spend less

  • Spend less than September 2016 ($1153.83)

I will organize

  • Get our bedroom and closet finished – While we are basically done unpacking, we have a ton of organizing to do. I’d like to get at least that space finished this month.

I will grow personally

  • Do something that stretches me – I don’t have any fears per se, but I know there are things that I can do to grow as a person. I want to face one of those things head on.
  • Sell some Mary Kay – At the end of August I was convinced by a friend to start selling Mary Kay. It’s a move that makes sense for me at this time, so I agreed to it. I’d like to start off my first month solid and actually sell some products! Let me know if you live in Canada and would be interested in buying Mary Kay! I love the charcoal mask.

I will experience more

  • Have at least one fun get together with friends
  • Try something new

I will grow my blog

  • Secure at least one new brand partnership – It’s still pretty new for me to be partnering with brands on here or my social media, but I really want to continue working towards that.
  • Do at least one fitness and one fashion post – pretty self-explanatory, these are areas I want to continue to grow with and focus on more.
  • Update my blog & social media photos – This was on my list a couple of months ago, but I just ran out of time. It needs to happen though.
  • Increase my social media following, particularly Facebook (170) and Instagram (327)

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