April Update & May Goals

Rather than a yearly bucket list or New Years resolutions, I decided to pick one word to represent 2017, and set up mini goals for each month to help me reach my ultimate goals. The word I chose is STRIVE, and you can find out more behind my reasoning by reading this post.


I went into April feeling super positive and hopeful about all my goals. I’ve been crushing my list during the first 3 months and expected April to be no different. Well, that sure as heck didn’t work out for me! I’ll get into all the details below, but even though I didn’t accomplish NEARLY what I had hoped, there were a lot of positive through the month.

Over Easter we took a four day trip to Calgary. We stayed at a great hotel, which was a nice change. I don’t usually have the best luck picking those out, especially when I take a risk with Hotwire. I’m talking “blood on the wall” bad luck. We got to see some family and close friends. Every plan we had revolved around some amazing meals, and IMO, that’s the best kind of vacation.

We also met with a mortgage broker to discuss some options. Our 5 year term is up in November/December and we have started to talk about getting our condo listed, and finding a house. I’m SO excited about the idea of having a yard and more space. We now know what amount we are approved for, and have set an amount that we won’t go over based on what we expect to get for our current place, and what our monthly payments will be. Now, we just have to get our current home cleaned up and ready to list!

Now, let’s see just how badly I did with April!

I will strive…to be healthy. 

  • Workout 18 times. No. 7, in fact. I had been doing SO good with being consistent with this, and then April happened. Now, to be fair, this wasn’t something that was my fault. Well, not at first. I had an ear issue. I don’t know what it was, but it was a sharp, throbbing pain. This also affected my jaw, making it hard to talk or eat. I went to the doctor and was given medication and ear drops. It took about a week, but it went away. The day after it went away? It somehow transferred to the other side! I ended up dealing with this pain for two weeks in total. It didn’t seem to do anything with my inner ear balance, but I wasn’t feeling good and was in a lot of pain. There was also no way that I was going to use headphones. Those two weeks then turned into four weeks, and here we are at the end of April, with me only working out 7 times. May is a new month though!
  • Take lunch time walks at least twice a week. No. To be fair, the weather hasn’t been great. It’s been windy, chilly and even snowy on some days. I did get out and walk a few days, but no where near this goal.
  • Focus on minimal snacking. No. I did do great at this for the first half of the month, though my ear/jaw pain probably played into that. The second half of the month..well I don’t want to talk about that.
  • Run 5k once a week. No. The reason is obvious, if you read the above. I’m going to have to really focus in May if I want to get a good time with the Saskatchewan Marathon!

I will strive..to spend less.

  • Spend less than April $1554.51. Yes. It feels good to cross something off this list. I knew my expenses would be a bit higher this month because of our trip. Hotel stays aren’t cheap! Without the trip expenses (hotel & gas) I spent $926.53. With those expenses, it was $1319.19. I felt like I had done some extra personal spending through the month, so I was happy that my regular expenses were still under the $1000 mark.

I will strive..to declutter. 

  • Get rid of clothes. Yes. I cleared a whole bunch out of my closet. I took a few bags worth to Plato’s Closet and got some extra cash from that, and sold some online. I also donated a couple of bags worth to a local organization to clear out most of the remainder. I’m hoping to do one more big clean out in the next couple of months.
  • Clean out my car. Yes. I did! I got it all cleaned and empty for our trip to Calgary, though now I have some post-trip clean up that I need to do in there.

I will strive..to experience more

  • Raise some money for Easter Seals Drop ZoneNo. Okay, technically I did, but I donated it myself so I’m not counting it. To be fair, I haven’t really put in much effort towards this in April. I will have to do better in May.
  • Try something new. Fourth time is a charm, right? No. It turns out that the fourth time is not the charm. I don’t recall anything new that I did. I really need to stop putting this on my list! Either that, or I really need to try something new.
  • Read a book. Yes. I read “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler. I was happy to accomplish this because I really didn’t focus on this goal. I read in the mornings before work, but I had a couple of sick days with my ear and spent some mornings working on prep for our Calgary trip. I’m still really enjoying my time spent in the morning with a book and know that I will continue this.
  • Try at least two new recipes. Yes. One was a new stir fry sauce, and I have solidified my appreciation for Udon noodles. Seriously, they are the best. I also tried a new sauce with pork tenderloin in the slow cooker. Both were delicious and will be added into the rotation!


As of right now, May is a bit of a slower month. Ian will be having an MRI done on his knee, which will then tell us if he needs surgery on it. We are hoping that will get done sooner rather than later. The timing of all of that could have a big impact on our summer and our holidays and we can’t really plan anything until we know more.

I’m definitely expecting a more productive month than April was. We are heading into the official start of garage sale season, which is always a bit of a dangerous time for us. Hopefully with a potential move on the horizon we will be able to keep ourselves under control!

I will strive…to be healthy. 

  • Work out at least 22 times.
  • Include weights at least 12 times.
  • Run outside twice.
  • Walk outside 3 days a week.
  • Beat my previous Saskatchewan Marathon 5k stats:
    • Gender: 145/294 (49%)
    • Age: 26/36 (72%)
    • Overall: 284/485 (58%)
    • Time: 39 minutes
  • No sugar. Okay, let’s be honest: I mean this in broad terms. A lot of the sauces I use in cooking use ingredients like honey and brown sugar. I also use ketchup, and eat bread and pasta. I’m not going to cut myself off of those because that’s not practical for my life. For me, no sugar will mean none of the junk food. No chips, candy, ice cream, baking etc.
  • Meal plan. This fell to the wayside through April, I want to get back on track.
  • Lose weight and/or inches.

I will strive..to spend less.

  • Spend less than May 2016 (1013.36)–Normally I’ve been pretty sure about myself with this goal, but this month is going to be a bit more difficult. My projected expenses will get me to almost exactly this amount, but it will really come down to how much I spend on groceries. Hopefully I can focus on what we have in the cupboards and work around that!
  • Move $200 into savings.

I will strive..to declutter. 

  • Pack all non-essentials.
  • Gather items for donation & for a garage sale.
  • Do not buy any new clothes.

I will strive..to experience more

  • Try something new. Rather than removing it from the list, I’m just going to accomplish it!
  • Read a book.
  • Try two new recipes.
  • Raise some money for Easter Seals Drop Zone.
  • Get at least one new post up for my new “In My Closet” series.
  • See a movie in theater.

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