80’s Retro Pop Box 2015

Retro Pop Box is a new subscription box featuring 4-7 throwback items from your favorite decade valued at over $45. Each box costs $20 with $10 shipping within the US and $15 to Canada. Items in boxes will touch on iconic events, music, shows, movies, toys, candy and much more.

*I received this box for review purposes but all thoughts are my own. 

When you first go to subscribe you are prompted to chose between the 1960’s, 1970’s or 1980’s. Each box has a small description so you can decide which box is the most appealing or relevant to you!




First Look


I love all three of the available decades so I was a bit stumped when asked which decade I wanted to review. I ultimately decided to go with the 80’s. I really love the box design that they have. I like that it says the decade on the box and it totally has a retro look about it. I’m curious if all the boxes have the same look (with the decade changed, obviously) or if they are each unique.


“To The Max!” This sticker is definitely a small touch, but something that adds to the overall appeal of the box.


The first look inside didn’t really tell me much except that there was a t-shirt in my favorite color! There wasn’t a product card so I can’t give any price values or extra information about the items.

The Goods


This is a nylon Star Trek bag/backpack. I’ve never really gotten much into Star Trek, and don’t really have much use for a bag like this. If I did like Star Trek I could see it being handy to use if I showered at the gym, or went to the pool or beach or something. I don’t do any of those things though and it’s not big enough to use for groceries (at least not for me).


First thought, I love the blue and pink combination. I don’t often use pencils, especially not ones so small, but Donkey Kong (which is just what I’m assuming the rubber piece is) makes it ridiculously easy to hold onto it! I also really like the fun fact included with this item, it gives a bit of a history of video games and the advances of the technology.


This is a super tiny Smurfette figurine. I do like the Smurf’s and I might end up putting this on a shelf somewhere. I’m not sure if it was hand painted, or if the manufacturer just did a fairly terrible job. If it was hand painted then I give a bit more leeway as to how it looks.


These are just a couple of pins. I actually have a pin collection so these will be joining the rest in a box.


I only have a few keys that this will actually work on since my car keys are that new weird version that has the flip out key. I do enjoy Batman, and a Batcave key is kind of perfect for a house key!


I’m going to come right out and say it, this t-shirt bothers me. As I stated before, I love the color, it’s actually my favorite shade. What bothers me is that I have NO idea what 80’s reference this is. I’ve tried Google and everything, I can’t find any reference to this. I don’t know if it was a popular radio station in the 80’s, if it’s from a movie or what. If anyone knows, please enlighten me! It’s driving me crazy!

Final Thoughts


(Oh look, this answers my question about how the other boxes are designed!)

I love the idea behind this box, I would just like to see it evolve a bit more though. A product card would definitely go a long way. Right now a lot of the items seem like something you could get for 5 tickets from the arcade, which doesn’t make it feel as though it has the promised $45 value. If the Smurfette has some cool story about being handpainted from a certain company, or if I knew what reference the t-shirt came from, I think it would really add to the value. My favorite item was probably the pencil because of the fun fact that came along with it. It’s a small addition, but adds a lot!

I would also like to see a theme within the decade theme. Right now it feels like a lot of random items put together. To have each box focus on one thing, like a box dedicated towards the 80’s cult classics or Star Trek etc. would add to the fun of the box.

I think the shipping cost would also be a deterrent to many potential customers. It’s definitely tough for a company that is just starting out, but I hope to see them partner with USPS in order to offer cheaper rates. I think that will help them out massively in the long run.

I really enjoyed opening this box, and I love the idea of it. As someone who is basically obsessed with everything form the 50’s-90’s this box is completely up my alley. I also really like that it includes a t-shirt. I feel like this box is comparable to Nerd Block/Loot Crate in the overall feel that they are trying to accomplish, I think it will just take them a bit to get to that level. The items need to be bigger and of a bit of a higher value. I’m sure that as they become more established that these changes will occur. I hope that they continue with this idea and I definitely want to try them again, especially the two other decades!

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