2017 Word of the Year

make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

Picking one word to focus on for the whole year is something I’ve been reading more about lately. I looked around online and was surprised to find articles and posts about this idea dating back to 5+ years ago. The concept is that rather than making resolutions (that will most likely just be broken promises) you pick one word and work towards that for the year. You look forward to what you want, rather than looking back on what you need to change.

I can get behind this idea.

I started thinking about what a good word would be, and almost instantly “strive” popped into my head. I brushed it off at first because it seemed too typical, but no other word jumped out at me. The more I thought about it the more it made sense.

  • I want to strive to spend less. 
  • I want to strive to be healthy. 
  • I want to strive to declutter. 
  • I want to strive to experience more. 
  • I want to strive to grow my blog. 

It’s a word that I need to work for, but it’s not absolute.  It entails small steps and little changes. It allows me to fail without feeling defeated.

Striving doesn’t have an end point, it is a continual journey.

The resolution of getting to my goal weight has an ultimate goal. It has a final number attached to it that I feel as though I have to reach. Striving to be healthy is a life long journey, one with ups and downs but no real end. Which one sounds better to you?

Rather than making a yearly bucket list like I did for the past two years, I am going to make a monthly list of goals. Some of these will have specific numbers attached, and many will appear every month. The list will change as I change, and as different events/activities come up throughout the year. Each of these goals will relate to what I want to strive towards.


I will strive…to be healthy. 

This is often a goal of mine, but lately it falls to the wayside. I have the best intentions but it’s hard to get up in the morning and go to the gym when it’s cold and dark outside. I also work in an office where we get a ton of delicious (and unhealthy) snacks brought to us. I will be participating in at least 1 Dietbet in January and I’m determined to not lose.

  • Go to the gym 20 times.
  • Meal plan for every week night.
  • Prep lunches for the week on Sunday. 
  • Avoid mindless snacking.

I will strive..to spend less.

I recently went through my credit card statements for 2016 and added all my purchases into a spreadsheet. I broke it up by month and separated necessary items and fun/splurge items. This does not include my gym membership, cell phone, car payment or my portion towards mortgage etc. as that comes off my debit card and the amounts do not change. It does include things like vehicle insurance, groceries etc. I primarily use my credit card for purchases because I get points that I can then use towards free groceries.

  • Spend less then I did January 2016 ($1074.37).
  • No unplanned FUN purchases.

I will strive..to declutter. 

If I have it my way, we will be moving out of our condo and into a house in 2017. This will take some work. Not only do we have to meet with the bank and get approved for a new mortgage amount, find a place etc, we also have to clean our place and stage it so that it’s ready to be shown and sold.

  • Be mindful of my purchases.
  • Clean/organize at least one room or space in our place.
  • Get rid of at least 5 things.

I want to strive..to grow my blog.

I’ve had this blog for a few years now, but I’m still figuring out my direction. I write here because I enjoy it. I feel as though I better myself through it. I like to write. I like having an outlet. A lot of what I write about is subscription boxes, because following those blogs are what got me started in the first place. I subscribe to way fewer than I used to, and I feel like that will continue to change. I see myself focusing more on local events/businesses, health & fitness, fashion and just life in general. I’m not sure what this all looks like yet, but I’m excited to explore this further.

  • Grow my Instagram following. (286 as I write this)
  • Have January posts planned out by the end of the first week.
  • Dig deeper into the direction of my blog.

I want to strive..to experience more

I always have little things that I want to do, but never actually do them. I love routine, but at some point you just kind of get into a rut. Even little things get pushed to the wayside, like something as simple as shaving your legs. I mean, who can be bothered when it’s the dead of winter? Sometimes it can just feel nice to have smooth legs though, you know?

  • Have a relaxing soak in the tub.
  • Watch a movie that I haven’t seen yet.
  • Have a date with my husband (and not just going out to eat because we are too lazy to cook).

I’ve got good feelings about 2017. If it’s anything like 2016 was, there is bound to be a lot of fun, adventure and self-growth. I’m also excited for some potential changes, like the possibility of moving.

Are you a resolution person, or do you tend to be more goal oriented? Do you have one word that you’re focusing on for the year?

Make sure you check back next week where I’ll go over my 2016 bucket list and see how much I was able to accomplish! 


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