January Update & February Goals

Rather than a yearly bucket list or New Years resolutions, I decided to pick one word to represent 2017, and set up mini goals for each month to help me reach my ultimate goals. The word I chose is STRIVE, and you can find out more behind my reasoning by reading this post.

Let’s see how I did with my January goals!


I will strive…to be healthy. 

  • Go to the gym 20 times. YES. I actually made it 21 times! I realized setting a goal really does help give me the motivation to get up in the morning and go to the gym. I just tell myself, every morning that I DO go is another morning that I don’t HAVE TO go. 
  • Meal plan for every week night. YES. Man, is meal planning ever nice! I plan out the following week every Friday. It’s nice to just know what I’m going to make each night and not have to try and decide what to take out of the freezer that morning, or what to mix it with. I also downloaded the app Grocery King, which allows you to inventory everything in your pantry, fridge and freezer. I went through one weekend and added everything in. Now I can easily reference the app to see what we have in stock, and what I need to buy for each planned meal. This cuts back on over-buying items because I think we’re out. 
  • Prep lunches for the week on Sunday. YES. I wanted to cut back on snacking during the day, so I decided to start taking lunches to work again. Most of the month I cooked chicken drumsticks with various (healthy) sauces/seasonings and steamed vegetables. The third week I didn’t end up eating lunches because I just wasn’t hungry, and for the last few days of the month I switched to wraps. 
  • Avoid mindless snacking. NO. I do need to give myself SOME credit, because I did WAY better with this then I have in the past. I do think that packing my lunches has helped. I’ve also been careful with the types of snacks I keep in my desk drawer at work. I’m trying to keep healthier items like my BBQ Chickpeas in stock, and not the unhealthy candy like gummy bears. 

I will strive..to spend less.

  • Spend less then I did January 2016 ($1074.37). Actual 2017: $1074.37. Yup, you’re reading that right. I spent THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT. Considering what this all includes, this is bizarre. These aren’t standard purchases that I’m making, these are amounts that change month to month like groceries, renewing my vehicle plates, renewing my license (which happens once every five years), splurge buys..it is SO strange that it worked out this way. Since I spent less on needless items though, I’m going to call this a win.
  • No unplanned FUN purchases. YES. I’m going to consider this accomplished. I did do a tiny bit of unplanned spending, but that was on a couple of boxes that I’m going to review here (more on that in my spiel below). There is a lot that I resisted buying, including the most amazingly adorable Care Bear shirt and Zach Morris shirt from Modcloth. Ultimately saying no to those felt like a big win and like I made it over a hurdle. 

I will strive..to declutter. 

  • Be mindful of my purchases. YES. This goes hand in hand with what I wrote above. The temptation was there, but I’ve really been thinking more about whether I NEED an item or merely WANT it. 
  • Clean/organize at least one room or space in our place. YES. One weekend I went through our laundry room and cleaned/organized everything. I also went through our freezer, added everything in there into Grocery King, and got rid of all the ice build up! That was a bit of a long process, but I’m glad it’s done. 
  • Get rid of at least 5 things. YES. I donated two bags of clothes, some DVD’s that a pawn shop didn’t buy from me and a box of stuff that was leftover from a garage sale in the summer. Most of this stuff had been sitting around waiting to go out, but it’s less stuff taking up space! 

I want to strive..to grow my blog.

  • Grow my Instagram following. (286 as I write this) NO. My following did go up during the month, but I found that I had a lot of people doing the follow/unfollow thing, likely as a way to get me to follow them. Sorry, not happening.
  • Have January posts planned out by the end of the first week. YES. I knew which boxes I was getting, and roughly when I was getting them, so this made it very easy to schedule them. This was handy because I knew which ones to focus on first when I got multiple boxes in a week. 
  • Dig deeper into the direction of my blog. YES. More on this below! 

I want to strive..to experience more

  • Have a relaxing soak in the tub. YES. This is just one of those things that I always want to do, but get too distracted by everything else. I’m grateful that I finally set aside some time to soak, even if my bath bomb did turn some of my skin a slight pink color for the rest of the day. 
  • Watch a movie that I haven’t seen yet. YES. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I had not watched the third Night at the Museum. Ian and I watched this one night and it did not disappoint! Though it was sad to see Robin Williams! 
  • Have a date with my husband (and not just going out to eat because we are too lazy to cook). YES. Okay, TECHINICALLY we were too lazy to cook, but we went to a chinese buffet. We had both been there before for our own work outings, but were never actually there together. We had a good meal and it was just a decent day overall, so it just feels right to consider this a date. 


I will strive…to be healthy. 

  • Go to the gym 20 times–There were 31 days last month, and only 28 this month. This goal has me going a minimum of 5 times a week, so I think that’s a good number to aim for again.
  • Continue to meal plan–This had made my life much easier!
  • Eat vegetables five nights a week–I snack on veggies during the day, but don’t always include them at supper. Focusing on this will help me balance out the less healthy items that I’m likely to eat.
  • Cut down on snacking–This might just show up every month. I find the working out part to be easy, it’s the food that I really need to focus on.

I will strive..to spend less.

  • Reasses the boxes that I get each month and decide which I really want.
  • No unplanned/splurge purchases.
  • Spend less than February 2016 (1007.77).
  • Move $200 into savings by months end.

I will strive..to declutter. 

  • Clean at least one room/space
  • Find a spot for anything new I bring in. If I can’t, then it goes back out.
  • Keep the laundry room clean!
  • Go through all my sample products and donate what I won’t/don’t use.

I will strive..to experience more

  • Try something new. Anything. It doesn’t matter what.
  • Read a book. I have SO many books that I’m a chapter or two in, but then I never actually pick it up and finish it. This is the month I will read a book from start to end! Archie Comics don’t count.
  • Go on two special dates with Ian. February is Valentine’s so this deserves two dates!
  • Have a relaxing soak in the tub.
  • Watch a movie I haven’t seen before.

Now onto my thoughts on this blog..

I first started this blog when I discovered subscription boxes. I loved the thrill of getting a box full of surprises in the mail every month. I have been able to try new products and discover new brands. It was even better once Canada started upping their game and introducing more boxes.

Over time, my love for these boxes have diminished. I still have some that I enjoy getting every month, but I’ve gotten to the point where I order boxes JUST to have them. I had set a goal for myself to post twice a week, and I would do whatever I could to find enough boxes to fill that quota, and spend as much money as I had to.

This current path I’m on doesn’t line up with where I want to be. I want to save money. I want to focus more on experiences. I want to de-clutter. This means a change has to happen.

You will still see some subscription boxes here. I have my regular subs that I really enjoy, and I might as well write about them if I’m going to get them.

I really enjoy writing posts about fitness and fashion related topics. I also really enjoy writing about general life topics. Whether it’s local events & businesses, a trip or my personal thoughts & experiences, those are the posts that I look forward to writing the most.

I also looked at my stats. The aforementioned posts get way more views than subscription boxes do, and they have the most people still reading them, even a year later. It just seems like a natural change to make.

Due to this, my post frequency may go down over the next while. I still have a few boxes that I need to review, but after those are done it might be a bit more sporadic. I can promise you that the posts that do come up will be quality, and they will be something you want to read. I hope you all stick around to see these changes come to fruition, I’m excited to really STRIVE towards this change and make this a great year at Andi’s Attic!


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