Clip ‘n Climb YXE

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My sister and I spent time in Calgary during the summer when we were younger. We would stay with my grandparents and we had some favourite places that we would visit regularly. Some I still go to once... Read More

Q2 Goals for 2018

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I am ready for this second quarter of 2018. Winter weather has been dragging on for about 7 months now, and this quarter means warmth. Last quarter I focused on “A Fresh Start” but I have ... Read More

Q1 Goals: A Recap

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In an effort to change up my goal-making this year, I decided to focus on quarterly goals rather than monthly. It’s crazy to think that the first quarter of this year is already coming to a clos... Read More

No Spend Year 2018: Groceries

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No ifs or buts about it, groceries are a priority and a necessity. There is no way around it, even during the most strict “No Spend” you still have to eat. There are some ways to help with... Read More

Home Tour: Closet

The first home I had was a 600sqft apartment style condo. It was small, but it was all mine. I’ve always loved bright colours, so I picked one wall in each of the three rooms to have some fun w... Read More

No Spend Year 2018: Shopping

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One of the biggest driving forces, when I decided to do a No Spend Year, was my closet. I’m talking about clothing, scarves, footwear, purses, jewellery, the whole shebang. I was lucky enough to... Read More